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Notification of Financial Aid?


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I was recently accepted into a few graduate programs for speech-language pathology but am yet to hear about any sort of financial aid with the exception of NYU, who stated that I will not hear for another few weeks.  Some of my acceptances were given over the phone or via email, with formal letters to follow yet I have not even received those yet so I am not sure what to expect.  Is it standard to call each school to inquire about financial aid or should I know once I receive my admissions letter?





Accepted: New York University, New York Medical, Hunter College, Montclair, Seton Hall, William Patterson

Have not heard back from: Columbia University, Kean University 

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from what ive seen each department does it differently. never hurts to contact them, if for nothing else but to learn of their process.

i asked the ones ive been accepted to so far and none of them offered me aid. basically the only thing available is loans smh

i might start a gofundme...

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I've been told that the financial aid offered in an award letter will be loans only; however, if your department is considering you for assistantships, fellowships, or scholarships, those will be retroactively added to your award letter and they will let you know. Try contacting the program director for clarification if your official letter/offer seems confusing. 

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