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I GOT admitted to PENN STATE and was offered 25k for 2 years, (12,250$ per year) plus 2,500K for any internship and such, 

I am really grateful for the offer, but i need 100% funding in order to attend since the school's estimated cost is around 50K for one year (I am an INTERNATIONAL Student), 

I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO, and yes i have researched every database, website on the internet for scholarships and because of various reasons, age, work experience, country residency, major and stuff there was no suitable scholarship out there, 

THEREFORE, i have no choice but to TRY negotiate with  the school


if any of you have negotiated before, please provide me tips



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You can try to negotiate but I highly doubt you will be able to turn $12,000 a year into $50,000 a year.  That's four times the amount and it is not uncommon for masters programs in the US to be unfunded (with some variation depending on field).   Maybe you can get a thousand or two more but not an increase that large.  I guess you could say you can't attend without funding that covers tuition and living expenses but they are probably going to tell you no.  Fully funded offers that have a stipend for living expenses usually require an assistantship and the department you applied for may not have any assistantships available.  

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