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Any advice for emails telling the graduate admissions people and your POI that you're rejecting their offer? Based on funding, location, program ranking, and slightly off research fit, I'm going to reject and reapply after gaining more experience. Not really sure how to word the email.

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Have you been in personal contact with supervisors at these schools? I'd only send an email if I had been in personal contact with a supervisor.

If you have been in contact, I'd put a line or two about how you've appreciated being able to talk to them and getting to know more about the school, then a line stating it's been a hard decision but you've decided to decline the offer.

Keep it simple, they should understand. It's a two way street, they've decided to admit you and now you're deciding whether to "admit" them.

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I used the template below. I didn't offer a reason for declining but did say which school I had accepted instead.

Dear [NAME],

I am writing to let you know that I have accepted an offer from [SCHOOL A], so I will not be attending [SCHOOL B] this fall. I appreciate all of your time and consideration during the admissions process, especially the opportunity to visit the campus and speak with professors about my goals.

I have officially declined my offer in the online portal. Please let me know if I need to do anything further to tie up loose ends in this process.


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