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Retaking GRE for AW only


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Dear all,

I'm a new user to this forum and thinking of applying for the 2018-19 cycle. I've taken the GRE right after undergrad a few years back. Had good verbal and quantitative results (V: 165; Q: 170) but AW was 4.5. My dream school did say this: https://politicalscience.stanford.edu/graduate-program/graduate-admissions/faq-prospective-phd-students#Min GRE/GPA "Admitted students typically have very high GRE scores (approximately 166+ verbal, 163+ quantitative, and a score of 5.5 in the Analytical section)."

Should I retake the GRE just to bump up the AW score? I have a sense that I might be able to do better in AW with practice, but unsure if I can maintain the same V/Q scores since I've been out of undergrad for a few years and feel a bit rusty. 

Thanks to everyone in advance for your advice!

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I took the GRE three times. I received a 4.5 on the AW section the first two attempts. On the second, I received a perfect 6. If you can demonstrate through your SOP and writing sample that you are able to write really well, then I wouldn't worry about retaking it.

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11 hours ago, qiujin said:

Thanks everyone for your responses! I will try to figure out if I can finance it and will update if I do re-take it.

I second the advice in this thread: you almost certainly have better ways to spend your time or money than with a retake.  From the conversations with academics that I have had, the AW is the least important section of the GRE, and your other two sections are impressive even for a top program.

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