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Anybody Going To March For Our Lives?


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I just finished my sign, heading out tomorrow to join the march for part of the morning.  I can't stay the whole time, but I think this is an important safety issue for us as teachers at universities just as it is for high school students.  I really want to encourage these high school students to keep at this and help make a change.   Anybody else going in their city?

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I have very mixed feelings about the MFOL.  I'm a pro-gun person (I own several, I'm a member of a shooting club, I'm a concealed carry permit holder, etc.), but I'm also a scientist, and believe in using data to drive policy decisions, so the idea of passing laws to prevent study of gun violence is ridiculous.  However, because I wouldn't support the vast majority of laws that MFOL would also probably support (ironically, they probably would support the laws that I would suggest), I didn't think I'd be able to participate genuinely.  I'd rather save my introvert spoons for causes I can get behind whole-hog (give me an LGBT march any day).

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