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Can I connect experience from my current job to speech-language pathology?

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Hi everyone!

So, I'm aiming to apply for grad school this fall in hopes of starting a master's program in Fall 2019. I want to begin brainstorming ideas for my letter of intent/statement of purpose.

I currently work as an instructional aide in a day class at a school. The students I work with have emotional/behavioral disturbances (EBD). I know at least one student in my class has speech every week. I've also worked with students with Autism at a high school on occasion. 

Here is my question: Will I be able to connect my experiences as an aide to EBD students with speech-language pathology? Is my experience as an aide relevant to the field?  I'm beginning to look for articles from ASHA that discuss communicative disorders in children and teenagers with EBD. I hope that doing research will help me connect my current work experience with speech. I want to show an admissions committee that I can relate my work/job duties as an aide to speech.

I would love some advice/wisdom/thoughts; all of that good stuff!

Thank you :)

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Absolutely. Beyond research into, think of the skills you need to work with these children--patience, flexibility, etc. I'm sure you can think of a ton of ways that's going to apply to almost any person you work with in this field. You can connect almost any work/volunteer experience to SLP work honestly!

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I watched this video last year. Unfortunately I don’t remember too much about it, but I do remember them talking about how prevalent speech and language delays are in kids with EBD. It may be of interest for you if you can get your hands on it! 





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