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Choosing a School - SLP - Advice please!

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I am deciding between USF, UNC Chapel Hill, MGH and NYMC.  USF is by far the cheapest (by a landslide), but all of their classes are 3 hour evening classes, and I don't know how I feel about this.  I don't think you learn as well this way.  I'm interested in the medical aspect, but every source has said that which school you go to doesn't matter.   The cost is important to me because I'm relying on loans and outside scholarships for living expenses, travel expenses, etc.  I work but I only make like $11/hour right now.

What do you think about having all evening classes?  Do you know how common this is among other programs? 

     The purpose is so that you are free during the day for clinicals. USF has over 200 clinical placement sites!

Does anyone have any first hand experience about the other programs?  If there are any great advantages?


Thanks so much for taking the time to read this post!!


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I know my program will have evening classes once we begin externships, so I feel that it is probably somewhat common across programs. I am personally not looking forward to evening classes. I had one evening class in undergrad and even though I am a night owl and the subject matter was somewhat interesting I had the hardest time staying awake in class. I am doing my prereqs online, meaning  I watch video lectures in the evening after work, and I have to nap on the couch all the time, sometimes mid-video.

I don't know about any of the programs you mentioned, but I would imagine that as long as you are able to get a hospital placement and the program is somewhat balanced you should be fine. I say go with the cheap program and pound a 5-hour energy before each class!

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My program currently has most of the classes in the evening. A lot of classes are 4:30-7:20pm with a break about half way through. Honestly you do get used to it. I know that some of my classmates will bring snacks or get something to eat on the break. Other classes are early afternoon but I know a lot of my classes that I have personally had are in the evenings. 

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