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Jobs with a PhD/Masters' in I/O Psychology?


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Hello all!

For those who are in an I/O Psychology PhD or Masters' program, or who has finished, what is your current job or what job/career are you hoping to have? I'm very interested and curious in knowing, since I want to pursue further education in I/O Psychology and I would love to know everyone's jobs/careers! 


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Hi Spyester,

I've been working in the I/O field for about 3 years and will be returning to academia to finish my doctorate (I have my M.S.). 

If I had to give you a general taxonomy of where I/Os end up it tends to be an intersection between people and work. Specifically:

Internal consulting- I would say this is the most common area, not positive though. Many HR departments will hire IOs the develop and improve processes related to: hiring, benefits, performance management, compensation, training, hr analytics, etc.

External consulting- your tasks are similar to the ones above, however, you work for a consultation firm that advises public agencies and large private organizations.

Academia- pretty self explanatory, you should have your PhD

Lesser know areas- Psychometrics, data science, and testing in general (I work in this realm)


Message me if you have anymore questions.




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