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CADCAS gpa question

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On CSDCAS website: 

In the case of a repeated course, CSDCAS will calculate the MOST RECENT grade received whether it is higher or lower than the first time the course was taken. To ensure this is calculated correctly, you should record the “credits attempted” for all initial attempts of the course as 0.00 in your coursework section and label these courses “not applicable.” You should still record the grade received. For the final attempt at the course, you should record the grade, full credits and mark it as “Repeat” under “Course Type.” Please note that withdrawn courses or courses taken at different schools are NOT considered repeats.


Hey peeps, does this mean that if I retook some classes they will leave the first bad grade out of the GPA calculation and only record the second grade? Is the first grade not a part of the final number? Has anyone had experience?


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I am currently retaking a CSD class (my advisor told me to retake it)  because supposedly it will help me to bring my GPA up by erasing the first grade and taking the last grade. I hope that is the case because it would be so helpful.

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Can anyone clarify if this is true? Does CSDAS only count the most recent grade? Does it have to be from the same college? For example, let's say I took "Biology" at XYZ Community college but got an "A" in Bio at ABC University. Will they take both grades into the calculation or only the most recent one? Even if it's from a different school.

I found this on their website. I think now they take into account ALL courses. 



Because of the standardization that occurs during Verification, it is not uncommon to see GPA discrepancies between what your schools calculate and what CSDCAS calculates. Discrepancies occur because: 

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