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SLP Advice: Who's applied twice and got accepted the second time?

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Just reading a lot of posts and people saying that it took them 3-5 cycles until they finally got accepted. This is my second time applying after taking another cycle off to boost my resume. I'm really hoping the second time is the charm because I'm ready to start a career. I got accepted to Rocky Mountain University in Provo the first time but I couldn't make the finances work ($70,000 per year). So just looking for a bit of reassurance...

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Hi. I got accepted during my second time applying. The first time last year I applied to 4 schools and got 3 waitlists, 1 rejection (the rejection was from my undergrad school). The second time was this past fall. I applied to 9 schools (none from last cycle/all new ones). I got an acceptance from 1 school and now I'm in my new city waiting for school to start in January. The other 8 were a mixture of a few rejections, 1 waitlist, and some I don't know because I told them no before getting an answer after I accepted my current school. So after 13 total schools, I only got 1 official yes. 

My main advice is to apply to as many schools as possible. The schools that I had the best odds at said no. One of those schools had a 1/3 chance of acceptance, which is pretty good for this field. For my second round, I retook the gre after studying intensely for 6 weeks. I rewrote my essays. In the essay for the school that accepted me, one of the prompts was why I wanted to go there. So I wrote about a combination of stuff from their website that attracted me, and features about the area (the school is in Iowa and Iowa was ranked the best state to live in this year so I told them that). So try to find non scholastic reason to go to a school. Make the school feel special for being in a great city/region/state. I don't know if this helped me get in but it didn't hurt either. Also something I did different this time was being more specific about why I wanted to be an slp. They need to know you've thought this through and that you're serious.

Good Luck ?


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6 hours ago, pdxslp said:

So try to find non scholastic reason to go to a school. Make the school feel special for being in a great city/region/state.


I second this! Some of my essays weren't customized enough to the specific program, but for the one I ended up attending I wrote about how beautiful and scenic the school, town, and surrounding area are. At the time I wasn't sure if they would just think it was weird to talk about the area instead of the school specifically, but it looks like they liked it!

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