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2019 Tulane Anthropology/Linguistics Applicants?


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Anyone on here applying to Tulane for Anthropology or Linguistics this year? I've applied to both Anthropology (cultural) and EEB for PhDs, and my partner applied for Anthropology (linguistic) and Linguistics. Tulane is our top choice, so I'm super nervous about getting in/getting funding!

My GPA is okay (3.35 for unofficial transcript, probably gonna be 3.5 by final transcript - it's mostly my freshman year weighing me down), as are my GRE scores (QU: 150, QA: 160, W: 4.5), but I've got 2 major research projects, 2 internships, a small business (unrelated to the field of study), and even kinda-sorta a published paper under my belt! Plus my statement of purpose was good (I hope), and my LORs were amazing, or at least my professors thought highly of me...

My POI showed significant interest (I think, he seemed to like my research ideas, interests, and what not, but just kept encouraging me to apply), as did my partner's, but I just don't know if I can make the cut! I just wanna know! It's hard enough hoping for your own spot, but I'm riding on my partner getting in too!!!

Anyone else super stressed?

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On 3/1/2019 at 2:38 PM, archaeologysam said:

I am definitely stressing. I've been left feeling really helpless. All this waiting is going to drive me crazy. Have you heard anything yet from anybody?

Well, I *technically* didn't get into Tulane for anthropology (cultural - there were 6 professors vying for one spot, and mine is older), but I have a chance if I get NSF-GRFP funding. I also am waitlisted for Tulane's EEB program, so it's all up to chance at this point. Hopefully the chaos deities/relevant saints/ancestral spirits/whatever it is you appeal to find our causes worthwhile. I found this all out in early to mid-February, by the way.

However, my partner was just accepted to Tulane linguistics with funding last week (and waaaaay more funding than my TAMU archaeology acceptance), so it looks like we'll be heading out to NOLA anyway! If I don't get the NSF-GRFP, and I don't make it into either program at Tulane, I'll just reapply next term, hopefully with more departmental support than before!

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