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  1. Uhhhhhggggg. Y'all, I was waitlisted at A&M! I actually got in last year, but was forced to turn it down due to some very unfortunate personal reasons. I tried everything, but deferral wasn't an option. So here I am again, having applied to hopefully get in again and attend, and I was waitlisted! If any of y'all were lucky enough to have been accepted this year, and DON'T want to attend, please let them know as soon as you're able! I'm super upset by this, especially since I have four profs there vouching for me, who said there was a very high chance I would have been accepted again
  2. Uhhhhhggggg. Y'all, I was waitlisted at A&M! I actually got in last year, but was forced to turn it down due to some very unfortunate personal reasons. I tried everything, but deferral wasn't an option. So here I am again, having applied to hopefully get in again and attend, and I was waitlisted! If any of y'all were lucky enough to have been accepted this year, and DON'T want to attend, please let them know as soon as you're able! I'm super upset by this, especially since I have four profs there vouching for me, who said there was a very high chance I would have been accepted again
  3. I guess I'm not going to grad school this year then. This was my only chance Why are they not releasing the reviews yet? That seems kinda cruel. I at least want to know *why* they decided I'm not worth it... Congrats to everyone else though!
  4. Thanks! You too!
  5. I'm *technically* waitlisted at my top school in two programs. My partner has already been guaranteed funding at the same school for a different program, so I know where I'm going to be in the fall, regardless of my admissions status. I just NEED this scholarship though to make it in, or else I'm likely gonna have to reapply next year to both Tulane and the GRFP to get a hold of this elusive funding! I hate all this waiting, and my inability to do anything about it!!!
  6. I should hear back about the NSF-GRF in early April (4th-6th), so just a bit before the deadline. I wholeheartedly agree though, about being in this sort of position. While it would have been nice to have grabbed a spot with funding back in mid-February I've learned a lot through this process, and it's definitely changed my framework for how I might approach it again in the future, if need be. And it's really reassured me of what my priorities are, especially with regards to my interdisciplinary interests. While my multidisciplinary tendencies are probably what kept me from being accepted to more programs outright, I still won't give them up, just alter my approach and narrative to suit my goals, if I must. I guess it's good though, to better learn how to sell yourself and your ideas to other people...
  7. Thanks! I feel pretty good about the quality of my NSF-GRF application, though it's my first time applying, and I've heard it's kind of a crap-shoot. I applied for the interdisciplinary category (70% ecology, 30% anthropology), so I'm not really sure how that'll go. I just hope I get it, because it's a lot of money I could definitely use for my predicament right now with grad school I'm ranked 6th on one wait-list for two spots, while the other one is unranked, but the POI is super enthusiastic about me. I have expressed my interest for both programs multiple times to multiple relevant people, and have made sure that it is understood that I want to keep both my spots on the wait-lists. I'm hoping that if I don't get in this year, I can at least work as an RA in the meantime in either program, and reapply again next year. It just doesn't make sense to accept the lower-funded offer if I have the chance of going to the school I would prefer, along with my partner and more money, but we'll see.
  8. That would be awesome, especially if I make it in too this time around! We could be cohort buddies! Might I ask what lab you're looking at, since you mentioned ecophysiology and climate change? My POI in EEB is Dr. Farrer, hence the plant ecology interests. Ideally, I would have two advisers, her and Dr. Balee from anthropology.
  9. Well, I'm not in speech-language pathology, but I was accepted to one anthropology PhD program (with funding), and waitlisted to two more programs (anthropology and ecology) with a 3.38 GPA. I failed freshman physics one (retook, and passed with an A later), due to a number of health issues and general anger over issues I had with the school when I entered, which really tanked my GPA for the rest of my undergrad. I managed to claw my way back up, and even have honours now (yay!), but the GPA still shows. I really feel that all my other application components really brought it in for me. My SoPs were pretty good, and certainly unique (I have eclectic interests), my LoRs were amazing, and from people I worked closely with, my GREs were decent, and I have a ton of relevant extracurricular experience in volunteering, interning/RA work, and other general interests. I guess just try to really bulk up the rest of your application to make yourself shine. But try and avoid explaining the GPA, or making excuses for the blemishes on your application. In my case, I didn't even have to worry about it, since my transcript clearly shows an upward climb with excellent grades in most of my other courses, but every situation is different...
  10. That's so exciting, I'm so happy for you! I keep hoping something like this will happen to me soon too! I'm waitlisted at one school (my top choice), in two different programs, and it's super aggravating. One waitlist is unranked (no idea what's going on there), but I'll definitely be admitted if I manage to pull off the NSF-GRFP. The POI in that program really seems to be interested in/rooting for me, but they only take 1-2 people, and there's 6 other (younger) professors vying for those spots. For my other waitlist, I'm listed as number 6 in line for two different positions, so I'm really hoping! My partner got in though, to another program at the same school, so it's likely if I don't get in this year I'll reapply again next year, and try to take an RA position in the meantime. Uuuuhhhhgggg, so stressful!
  11. Thanks everyone! I really needed this! I'm in a similar position: I've been accepted with okay funding at Texas A&M, but am waitlisted in two programs at Tulane (my top choice). My partner got into Tulane for a different program, with better funding than I got at Texas A&M, so it looks like we're probably going to be in NOLA come the fall. If I can get off at least one of the waitlists, I should also have a decent funding opportunity (better than Texas A&M anyway), plus I'm trying for the NSF-GRFP, which would also guarantee me a spot in either program, regardless of my waitlist status. It's all really stressful, and I will likely hear back (unless I get the NSF-GRF) after the April 15th deadline. But it's nice to know that I'm not the only one!
  12. Anyone heard anything more at this point, or made any decisions? I'm still waiting to hear back about EEB decisions, and am waiting until April 4th-6th to hear back about the NSF-GRFP. I'll probably contact Tulane if I haven't heard back from them after I hear about my NSF-GRFP decision. Still hoping!
  13. Well, I *technically* didn't get into Tulane for anthropology (cultural - there were 6 professors vying for one spot, and mine is older), but I have a chance if I get NSF-GRFP funding. I also am waitlisted for Tulane's EEB program, so it's all up to chance at this point. Hopefully the chaos deities/relevant saints/ancestral spirits/whatever it is you appeal to find our causes worthwhile. I found this all out in early to mid-February, by the way. However, my partner was just accepted to Tulane linguistics with funding last week (and waaaaay more funding than my TAMU archaeology acceptance), so it looks like we'll be heading out to NOLA anyway! If I don't get the NSF-GRFP, and I don't make it into either program at Tulane, I'll just reapply next term, hopefully with more departmental support than before!
  14. Thanks! That's great to know that there are people actively doing that! I've contacted both POIs in EEB and anthropology about that sort of possibility, should I be unable to get in this cycle! Do you happen to know if their "lab tech" positions are paid? Regardless, I'm hoping it all works out one way or another, but at least I've definitely got my foot in the door. Plus, if I can pull off the NSF-GRFP this year, that'll probably boost my chances too, since funding is *magical*!
  15. Well, even if I don't get in this year, come the fall I'll be in New Orleans! My partner got into Tulane linguistics, so if I don't get into EEB this year, I'll reapply again next year! If you end up going to Tulane, I'll see you around!
  16. Congrats! I hope it works out for you, whatever you end up deciding on! Just out of curiosity, what's your specialty? I'm one of those weirdo plant (also fungal) ecology people. Just wondering, since I don't often meet those types...
  17. Apparently the faculty just met yesterday, so they've officially begun the admissions process! Good luck everyone!
  18. Yes it does, thanks! My POI said she was looking for 2 PhD students (and that I was waitlisted at number 6 for those two spots), but I don't know if she qualifies as "new" (been there since 2016). I emailed both her, my hopeful co-adviser in anthropology (still wants to mentor me, despite me being rejected from anthropology), and the graduate coordinator about my fervent intent to stay on the waitlist, and my continued interest in the program, so hopefully it all works out! This is soooooo stressful!
  19. Just out of curiosity, how did the recruitment event go? I'm just wondering what they had y'all doing...
  20. Well, this weekend is EEB's student recruitment event, where they try to solicit their top picks. They haven't actually technically accepted anyone yet though, since the first wave of decisions are still being finalized. I don't know about rejections, but if you haven't been notified yet, there's a good chance you've been waitlisted. I know that I am because my POI told me, after I let her know about my anthropology rejection. I don't know how much you've talked with your POI(s), but if anyone knows, it's likely them. I'd wait until March though, since they're definitely making progress right now. If you haven't heard back, then maybe call the department? If still nothing, then maybe email your POI...
  21. A&M is a back-up for me since I'm trying to make it to a school with my partner (linguistics), and A&M isn't great for him. It's still an option though, especially since it's funded! I really want Tulane, especially since I'd have access to two great mentors. Anthropology out-right rejected me (too competitive, I guess), but my POI there still really wants me, so he's hoping I'll get into EEB. My EEB POI seems to want me and has said she likes my project ideas, but told me today I'm further down on the shortlist because of "fit" and not "qualifications and enthusiasm". It's likely because I'm trying to do an inherently multidisciplinary project, and would want to combine both her and my other POI's expertise to complete it. It's just frustrating, because I need combined expertise from two advisers to accomplish what I want, but many people I've reached out to don't seem to want to go that route... I wrote her up a clarification about why I chose her, and believe her to be a great fit for me, and vice versa, but I don't know if it will make a difference. I also asked her if there was anything I could do to move myself up on the waitlist, and told my other POI about everything, but again, no idea if this will impact my chances
  22. So, I've been waitlisted to Tulane EEB (a relatively small program, I don't believe they get too many applicants), and apparently I'm 6th on a list to fill two positions in a lab. Tulane's my first choice, and I really, really hope I get one of those spots. Does anyone think I've got a chance? I know the process involves some luck, but I'm just curious about other people's experiences with this?
  23. Ah, I see. Well, I guess I'll see then. Not super hopeful for that one anymore anyway, since the POI was kinda dismissive when we skyped, despite our aligning interests. Thanks!
  24. Soooo, I heard back from my anth. prof. He still wants me, and hopes I get into EEB. I've been waitlisted (technically "shortlisted") to EEB (no official acceptances yet for anyone, just news from my prof., but my EEB prof also wants me. Uuuuuhhhhhhggggg! Tulane, if you want me, take me! Just throw some money at me too! Meanwhile, my partner has literally heard nothing, except an interview from UT anth., so I'm over here freaking out about everything I know, while he's freaking out about everything he doesn't know ?
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