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Hello! Does anyone know anything about Rutgers American studies program? I can't find much information on their webpage and there seems to be very few entries on the results page...


Is this a strong program? Is the funding good (the DGS never wrote me back when I asked what it entailed)? Also, why would there be so few entires in the results page?

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Here is what an acquaintance had to say about the Rutgers Am Studies program when I asked them back in the autumn.
"I would also say that in my time at Rutgers Newark, the program was very poorly run.  Of the three of us to graduate from it, one is now an uber driver, I'm in another phd program, and one is a professor in Jersey.  I understand their success rate has grown somewhat since then, and they even placed someone at Duke a few years ago.  But I would definitely want to spend a lot of time talking to current late-career PhD students in the program to get a feel for how it's doing these days."
Of course, things may have changed as they were in an early cohort. 
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Rutgers is still a really excellent school! I decided to apply to the English program when I had the same experience with AMST— they didn’t respond to my inquiry either. But don’t write it off as a school, their humanities programs are some of the best PhD programs in the country, and I’m sure it’s the same for sciences etc. 

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