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Should I quit U of Toronto PhD for Funded PhD at Oxford

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I started my PhD at the University of Toronto last year in a social science related field. However, I figured out that my research does not match much with the faculty members here. But maybe I could still successfully complete my degree here in a collaborative way as I have found some professors in other departments willing to partially supervise me.

However, in the meantime, I applied to Oxford and received a fully funded offer where I have a far better match for my research topic. Besides, the research group is also quant focused methodology-wise. But the difficulty now is that some people are suggesting me not to move to Oxford because of just name. Their point is that it will be difficult to get into academia with a UK degree. I would really appreciate if anybody could share their thoughts on this. I am so indecisive now. Thank you in advance. 

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19 hours ago, SimonR said:

where I have a far better match for my research topic.

This answers your question right away.  Yes.  Leave your Toronto program. A Toronto degree vs an Oxford degree?  What a ridiculous comparison.

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It's not even just the prestige (and with the prestige of Oxford, I really don't think you'd have an issue breaking into the academic market stateside) but it's also the fact that your research doesn't match at Toronto but does at Oxford.

Who are these people who are suggesting that you don't move to Oxford?

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