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Online Program for Masters in SLP NO GRE

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Are there any online masters program for SLP that don't require GRE's?  If so, how does clinical placement work in those cases?

I have a BA in Education (2006) and a Post Graduate Reading Specialist Credential (2013).  I have been teaching  grades 2-5 for the past 10+ years and am really out of touch in that sense.  Even though I took Calc and AP English in HS, I'm totally not on board anymore.  Passing the GRE's (math in particular) would be very difficult.

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I know Nova Southeastern does not require the GRE. However, it's quite expensive, even for online programs. With online programs, clinicals take place near your home (excepting any residency requirements). Some programs require students to find and secure their own placements, while others take care of that for you. I don't know about Nova. Look at each program's webpage for information regarding clinicals and residency requirements, if any.

A few programs accept the MAT in lieu of the GRE. The MAT does not have any math on it. I know California State Northridge accepts it, but I don't know of any others.

There is no calculus on the GRE. Topics covered are arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data analysis. 

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2 minutes ago, Rayna Shah said:

Thanks, that's what I originally looked on but there are no online graduate schools.

Darn it, I did not apply to any online schools. That's my fault. I would look to what other people are saying then. Best of luck!!

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I took the GRE's after being out of school for decades!  I used Magoosh test prep and spent about 6 weeks studying the math -maybe 5 hours a week?  I ended up with a 150 in Math (English was higher).  If I can do it -you can do it!  I was amazed at how much I remembered.  Plus, it's not like you have to know everything -I targeted the areas I thought I would do best in.

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