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Happy Friday everyone!

Has anyone used any online GRE prep courses that were helpful?

Here's some background: I am hopeful to re-apply this coming cycle for Clinical Psychology PhD Programs. Most POIs who offered me feedback on my applications pointed to my lower than stellar GRE scores. I really want to get these up in time to apply, so I'm thinking I'll need to take the test no later than September. The biggest issue is that I have been out of school for some time and don't remember much of the math. I also work full-time, so getting to an in-person prep course would be difficult. 

Any insight would be very appreciated :)

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Magoosh was really helpful for me on math. I'm the type that needs LOTS of practice and immediate, detailed feedback. Magoosh's program has a customizable "practice" mode where you get immediate feedback after each question, with both written and video explanations (helpful for those of us who prefer one way of learning to the other).

I didn't study verbal so can't give much guidance there.

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I really liked Magoosh (you can do a free trial, or google for a discount code, there's so many out there); it was especially helpful with the math as it basically re-teaches you all the math you need! Magoosh also has a number of free resources you can google. For example: http://magoosh.resources.s3.amazonaws.com/Magoosh-GRE-Vocab-eBook.pdf

I also highly recommend you download the Magoosh GRE flash card app for your phone (free!)--I find this was more helpful than the Magoosh GRE Vocabulary Builder which was multiple choice. 

Buy: any edition of the official ETS GRE Guide. Made by the test makers, and any edition will do as they don't really change the question much.

I found that the Kaplan books were kinda meh from my experience. Their tests also seemed too easy compared to the real GRE. Best of luck! :) 

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If I could go back and retake the GRE, I would take as many practice tests as possible. The material is important, however, getting down the rhythm of the test will help you the most. 

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