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Should I transfer to another school/ state or stay?


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I got into a master's program at a Cal State in Social Work. However, I was not happy so I applied to transfer. I got into the University of Washington which is a top ranked program and my tuition is covered. here are the pluses and minuses of each:

cal state pluses: internship at a hospital which will help me get my license and make money sooner.

minus: not well ranked, been California for a while and want to move, pay tuition (loans)

University of Washington

pluses: well ranked program, can move to another state (will be exciting), fresh slate, payed tuition (no loans)

minuses: the weather, not a hospital internship which will make it harder to get my license and make a lot of money soon

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Taking your question on face value alone: Washington! Having all your fees paid is a huge deal, and it sounds like you’re tiring of California, Washington would be a fun adventure. I know the Cal States are cheap, but it sounds like your heart’s not there.

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Another thing to consider is if any of the classes you have have taken at Cal State will transfer to U of Washington.  If they don't accept all of your courses then having to repeat requirements could delay your graduation plans and you'll want to be sure your funding will cover that.  That aside I think wellbeing is tremendously important and especially when doing something as difficult as graduate school you need to set yourself up for success.  If the move to Washington feels right then it probably is.  Even though the program doesn't have a hospital internship, there may be a way to create an opportunity for you to get some training in that setting if you ask.  

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Seeing your list for both the Cal State and UW, you definitely have more pros on the UW list. All other pros aside, I would pick UW mainly because of the tuition factor. The fact that your tuition is covered is an amazing deal. I would argue that you might make more money after you graduate because you won't have any loans to worry about. I'm also not sure what you mean by "no hospital internships". Do you mean fieldwork placements? They do offer field placements in health clinics and hospitals depending on your concentration. I know that the clinical social work concentration has plenty of options. Some options are Seattle Children's Hospital, UW Hospital and Medical Center, Swedish Family Medical Clinic, etc. You can find the full list for every concentration on UW social work website. Plus, I'm sure they have resources in terms of getting your license and finding a job after you graduate. Good luck with your decision. 

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