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I'd say this is one of the craziest things I've seen in these situations. These people spent the time, money, and effort to apply, visit, and/or interview with you. Take the 10 second to reject them i

Hoping my info can put some minds at ease: Yale - Had first interview last week. (I was notified in late Dec). The latest date I was offered was Jan 17, so first round at least runs through then.

Feeling the frustration with you all. 7 first interviews, 1 second interview, 1 wait list. I've just assumed that since I didn't get a second interview with the other 6 that I'm out of the running too

1 hour ago, TheatreGuy123 said:

This is for anyone that has done URTAs. Have you heard back yet from any of the schools after you followed up with them? Getting really OCD. I followed up with the schools after  my interviews on Friday and still haven't heard anything.

I know from friends that FSU and Iowa have sent out their campus invites, but also they interviewed in NYC so Chicago might still be in the works? Fingers crossed for you that invites are on their way! 

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Hey y'all!

I thought URTAS went really well! I've gotten a couple general responses from my URTA thank you emails (I interviewed in Chi), and I was invited to visit FSU in a couple of weeks. Can't wait until February 3rd!

While in town I also did my Skype interview with Kim. She was very nice and I thought she asked good questions.

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Hey ya'll,

I found this forum super helpful when applying, so thought I'd chime in. 

First time applying and I applied to UT Austin, Yale, and BK College. 

I had my first Yale interview on Monday, they told me I would hear next week about callbacks which happen the last weekend of February.

I just (I mean like 10 minutes ago) heard back from UT Austin about a first interview. I did not apply through URTAs

BK College isn't due until February 1st, but I live close by so I've already done a drop in class and the program director told me he'd reach out in early February to schedule my official interview. 

I hope any of that is helpful for anyone waiting on those schools, and good luck to everyone. 

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@LRI160 This is awesome info! Just curious - did Yale specify if callbacks are the last complete weekend of Feb (Feb 22 and 23) or the last weekend of Feb/ first weekend of March (Feb 29/31)? Trying to have a sense of what may be on the horizon travel-wise... thanks!

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