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Hi everyone,

Congratulations on on your acceptance to graduate school! I was accepted into a PhD program in Social Psychology and have to move from California to Pennsylvania. And my university has not decided if they are offering online or in-person classes for Fall 2020 yet. The graduate coordinator said that a decision will be made in July.

I'm hesitant to put down a deposit on an apartment without knowing the status of Fall 2020.

Do faculty expect students to relocate if classes are online? Moving is hard enough, and I'm imagining the additional challenges with starting a PhD program alone in a studio/1 bedroom apartment during the winter.

I'm wondering how COVID-19 has impacted your plans to relocate for grad school?

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My university expects us to be able to be on campus, regardless of if classes are online or in-person. They expect that even if classes are online, we would be able to get approval to use lab spaces.

While starting a PhD program online is... less than ideal, moving in the dead of winter with less time to get settled in before starting your next semester / quarter is also not ideal.

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