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2023 Computational Biology/Bioinformatics/Systems Biology PhD Admissions


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Undergraduate: BSc (Immunology, Pharmacology) @ University of Sydney

First Masters: MPhil Medicine (cancer research) @ University of Sydney

Second Masters: MSc Bioinformatics @ Johns Hopkins University


Minority status: International, female, Asian


Relevant work experience and achievements:
(1) Graduate intern at Stanford University (cancer bioinformatics) - ongoing

(2) Founder of a digital health startup

(3) Involvement in wet-bench cancer research for ~3 years

(4) One manuscript, one review, one poster

(5) Oncology research consultant


Programs of interest (in descending order):

  1. Stanford Biosciences (Biomedical Informatics, Genetics, Cancer Biology)
  2. Harvard HILS (BIG)
  3. Harvard-MIT HST MEMP
  4. UC Berkeley (BCB)
  5. MIT CSB
  6. Tri-I CBM (backup plan)


(1) Are any of the programs/schools "off-limits" for international students?

(2) Should I cast my net wider? Is my profile competitive enough for the aforementioned programs?




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