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MPH 2023 Canada

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Yo, I am from pharmacy background, trying to get into MPH . I have applied to u of Ottawa . Wanted to apply for lakehead as well but wont, because there have clearly stated on their website that they do not accept pharmacy students. My only good option left now is guelph. 

vvvv scared, anyone has anyidea what are my chances of getting into u of ottawa my cgpa is 9.40

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Hello! I applied to uOttawa because it's my home base and I'm interested in their public health policy stream and international links. Nervous because I'm a first gen for applying to grad school. 

Bachelor program: Health Sciences, Population and Public Health option

Grades: 8.68/10 (first year shredded my GPA, but I bounced back)

Work experience: 3 roles in the federal government through FSWEP (science advisor in aquatic health science, data analyst in public safety, and innovation analyst in program evaluation/occupational wellness)

Volunteer experience: delegate to the UN CSW67, health communications writer for Farm Radio International, member of a youth policy maker group that focuses on international development issues, community health educator, and content writer for Sex[M]ed

Research experience: research team member for a SRHR research group at uOttawa

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4 hours ago, verake said:

Hi! I applied to UBC, SFU, and UVic. The status has changed to "in progress" or "under review" for me, is anyone else seeing the same thing?

Hey yeah that's fine, the first initial stage of review is them ensuring you meet all requirements before they begin to assess your application (GPA, uploaded all the files you needed to etc), from there they'll begin reviewing our applications. We got this!!

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