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SSHRC CGS-D & Doctoral Fellowships 2024-2025


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Howdy all!

Putting some final touches on my application now that we're all waiting around for the system to start working again. Figured I'd start this thread early and see who else is in the same situation!

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Hi everyone,

Something super stressful is happening right now and I'm sort of panicking. I applied through my university this October, following the great crash we know about; everything was in order, all was well. On November 13, my university got back to me, stating their graduate studies committee recommended me for the grant and asking me to re-submit, officially, my application on the portal by November 26 (with added modifications if I wanted to). Well, guess what: today is November 26, the SSHRC servers are down, I've been trying to connect for hours and nothing will load, not even the instructions page on the regular SSHRC website. I wrote to my university and to the SSHRC signalling the issue, but I'm really scared nobody will be able to help me.

Has anyone had experience with server issues in the past? How lenient are they with that kind of stuff? It's also my first time ever attending a uni where they give you another opportunity to re-submit your app? Do you think the SSHRC will be more flexible because the November 26 date is arbitrarily fixed by my school, not so much by them?

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