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I'm so excited, I'm so... SCARED!!!


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I was freaking out too before my interview, but it was so much more laid back and non-stressful than I anticipated :)

I read over some of my POI's paper's the night before to help me feel a little more in control and luckily I was able to sleep since I was so tired from traveling all day. Just try to think positively, because often the attitude you go into something affects how you come out of it.

Good luck!

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My late father once told me...

Before you do anything great, remember to do all your pooping before that. Else you'd never know when those butterflies would dart out for a dump.

Alright jokes aside, here's a few cents worth:

1. Be courteous to everyone - Even the department secretary. Most often the secretaries are the ones who have the connections with the various Professors in the department. And at times, they might be the lifesavers when it comes to paperwork. Another thing to note, if you're walking into the elevator with someone, don't shrug off the hippie-bike shorts wearing old dude that came in. He may turn out to be the person interviewing you - or in my case, the Chairperson of the department.

2. It might be helpful to read up on the research projects conducted by the department or Professors you'd love to work alongside.

This shows interest and effort on your part.

3. Towards the end, if you could work this into the interview, it would be good to what is expected of you as a grad student. It's a good measure to see if they are interested in having you with them, and what their yardsticks are for grad students.

Typically, interviews are laid back and more informal (based on what I heard from my peers). But don't be too casual and start smacking the interviewer on the should and call him "bro".

Best of luck! Hope you get those butterflies out! And oh yah, update us won't you?

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Thank you all! I've been trying to be as well-informed an applicant as I can be (although it's meant me staying up reading about research profiles and preparing interview answers until 3am--obviously nervous behavior!); hopefully this will leave me a bit more confident when it counts! I'll keep you updated :)

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LOLZ GIS_GURU! I have such juvenile humor I heart potty jokes :)

And greengrass, after reading that, your profile picture kind of looks like he just shat his pants. Heehee ok, well I see you interviewed for Mt Sinai! I hope it went well!! And congrats on your other acceptance!

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