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Forum Stats for Mar '12

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Top 10 Posters

  1. oseirus 388
  2. abc123xtc 272
  3. Sigaba 174
  4. TripWillis 147
  5. FutureEdStudent12 141
  6. erry3779 141
  7. cafeomuerte 127
  8. ANDS! 123
  9. cokohlik 121
  10. Stately Plump 121

Congrats Oseirus (moved up one spot from last month :-) )

By the number(s)

In total there were 32,194 posts made this month (27,524 in March 2011). There were 710,190 visits, 200,907 Unique Visitors and 3,877,073 pageviews to the forum.

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YES! FINALLY! Back-to-back months of 2nd place ends now! I want to thank my parents, my friends, my congressman, my bookies, my doctor, my postman, my garbageman, my enemies, my opponents, my bookies, my ex-wives, my ex-girlfriends, my ex-extra marital flings, the academy, my lawyer, my accountant, my analyst, Jim Caffegan from CMA, John Toney at William Morris Endeavor, Shlomo Anderson of Finkel, Anderson and Geary. I see I'm getting the green light to wrap it up now. I just want to say to all the little boys and girls out there, dreaming of the day that they too will be the #1 commenter for a month, anything is possible! WE DID IT BROOKLYN!!!!!

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