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MSW 2009

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Unbelievable! This process has really been trying. I just hope I hear one way or another before the Stats class starts this summer.

I am glad you are at least on the waitlist though, and that you finally received word back. I asked for a confirmation of my place on the waiting list after I sent the email back stating I was interested and I still haven't received that. Oh well.

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i too got wait listed. but wasn't even informed until i emailed Lance again today and he said i 'should have' already received the email and forwarded me a copy of the email i should have gotten. :(

Sorry to hear you're wait-listed, especially now that you're wait-listed at two UC schools. That's no fun at all, but at least you're no longer in UCLA limbo. Keep us posted.

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Thanks, guys!

Kristela - Lance informed me that of about 70 people they have waitlisted so far, less than 20 have requested to remain on the list. He said he should know more in terms of how many people total are on the list by next week and told me it would be okay for me to shoot him an email then for an update. I did ask whether the list was ranked but he didn't respond to that question, so I may ask him that again next week.

Kimmeth - absolutely no communication from Berkeley recently. You?

As of now... I am moving forward with Cal State Northridge, somewhat reluctantly, I will admit. But I think ultimately where you get your MSW matters less than where you get field placements, and I do know that Northridge students are placed right alongside UCLA and USC students in many of the same agencies around LA/SFV. Not to mention it is less expensive, which helps me a lot. The only way I'd end up at UCLA or Berkeley at this point is if they were to admit me within the next few weeks. After that, I would no longer feel comfortable withdrawing from Northridge.

Good luck to all of you, let us know where you all decide on!

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No word from Berkeley here. I'm going to wait another week or so, then contact someone there to see how things are progressing with the wait list. I'm guessing their new admits most likely had to say whether or not they're enrolling by May 1, so maybe they'll have more information by the end of May.

Meanwhile, I've accepted UCLA's offer, but they are aware of my Berkeley situation and know I may back out if I get off Berkeley's wait list. But I'm setting myself a deadline for Berkeley (probably July 1). If I don't hear from them by then, I'll take myself off the Berkeley wait list and move to lovely Los Angeles in August.

It seems Berkeley and UCLA have comparable programs, so for me it's strictly a question of geography. I'm not at all a SoCal girl, but it looks like I'll probably become one soon.

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I emailed Lance yesterday to see if I could find out about the ranking of the waitlist, but I have not heard back. I have not received confirmation that I was placed on the waitlist, but I am sure he received my email response. If 70 people were sent notices, I am sure there are alot of people emailing with the same question. I will let you know if I hear anything.

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Hey everyone -

Just got final word from UCLA via email that they will not be accepting any applicants off the wait list this year due to a large number of applicants and economic restraints. It's okay, though, I had already mentally moved on. CSU Northridge it is! I already had my field placement interview... in just a few short months, my life will be changing dramatically! Can't wait...

Best of luck to everyone, I hope you all end/ed up where you want!!

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