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Geography Application/Acceptance 2013


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Don't lose hope on UGA--they're still considering awards and waiting on responses. I heard (unofficially) from them last week.


Contacting Dr. Holloway is still a good idea. I had a great conversation with him about my application and where I stand in terms of being officially accepted. My situation was that the people who are my best options for POI are not taking new students and others that I mentioned that are somewhat related have a number of students who want to work with them way more closely related to their work than I am.




On a separate note, I've decided to accept the offer to stay at FIU. My first semester is going to be theory heavy but I'm really excited about the program.

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Ahoy everyone. How's everyone doing as far as acceptances/rejections/wait lists/etc go?


Wait-listed at UCLA, rejected at Berkeley, in at Yale (FES). Still no news from UCSB, CU-Boulder, BU and Stanford (EESS).

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I applied to MA programs at a bunch of CSUs and I'm still waiting to hear back. I have to admit that at this point I'm definitely losing hope of hearing good news.

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Wondering how everyone ended up doing, where everyone is heading.


I mentioned before but I accepted the offer from FIU in Global and Sociocultural Studies. It's my best fit program and the one that offered me the best funding. Not a huge name but it seems to be picking up in political ecology/geography circles.


How about you all?

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hey guys,


if you don't mind sharing, what are the gre scores of those accepted?

I took my GRE a few days ago and I am not that happy with the result. I am considering retaking it, but the often mentioned fact that the GRE scores are not as important as many students think (even heard it from a prof at West Virginia), makes me a bit hesitant to retake it. Plus, the earliest I can retake it is Nov 26th and I might as well miss a few deadlines that way.

That said, would be really nice to hear what your GRE scores are if you don't mind. Maybe it'll help me calm down a bit :)

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My scores are V159/Q148/5.0. I was accepted to the University of Kentucky with funding but had to decline my offer. I was nearly accepted to UGA on those scores. I'm reapplying this year and feel confident that I'll be accepted. UGA might be a bit different because their first round of acceptances go to people who qualify for university wide funding awards, which is based on an applicants GPA and GRE scores. They then make offers in subsequent rounds based on those that either don't accept the initial offer or receive university wide funding.

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