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Upset about funding


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Well, I applied to 8 schools and was accepted into 6/8. These included Purdue (ranked #12) and Northwestern (ranked #8). I was waitlisted at the other two. I was offered funding at 3/6 places.This is for an Au.D program.  I ended up choosing an institution ranked #29 with no funding but in-state tuition. 


I happen to know a fellow person (went to same undergrad) that also accepted the spot at the same university and I know that person received funding (TA w/stipend) and I did not. 



I guess I am bothered because they give out 2 assistanships with acceptance (according to a grad student) and I had a higher GPA and more research and clinic experience than the one person I know of who received it. I am not sure on test scores, but I am sure of the other two factors. I also know that person is out of state and I am not (why I really think they got it over me). There are only 6 spots and based off the results search on this website, I had higher scores and GPAs than 2 people that listed their stats on here as well. 


I also called the director and he said they had already given out some 25% assistantships (stipend with GA) but still had some 15% (stipend only) to give out. Now, judging that if 2 people received the 25% and 2 are for sure below me.. wouldn't I have received the stipend for sure?? I feel like they didn't actually give those out. When I asked if he had made any other offers since our phone call (while I was deciding on schools) he said Some funding offers have been made and they are now exploring other options...? What gives. I think I am a great applicant and based on what I know, I just don't understand why I received nothing and don't want to pester and ask again. 

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The fact that you think you are a great applicant does not mean the AdComm is going to agree with you. I wish it was that simple! Otherwise, I would have been accepted everywhere I applied to! ;) Unfortunately, the decision on funding is not yours to make and, whether you like it or not, you need to trust the committee. Do you know how they appoint funding to make such judgements? 



I understand, from what you said, that your initial offer did not include funding, right? You accepted their offer so I don't understand your point. It was not the only offer that you had. Are you asking anything in particular? Are you just venting? Do you need advice on how to get some funding? 


I agree with you in the active approach to this. I mean, it is OK to 'fight' for what you want. However, there is a point where you have to let go because things do not depend on you. As graduate students we are going to encounter such moments several times and we need to accept that we may be, as you put it, excellent candidates, but that does not mean we are going to get what we want. Think of grants for example. Or think of the application process. You were fortunate enough not to have a rejection so I'd take this lack of funding as a means to learn that sometimes you just do not control the situation. Nevertheless, you chose this situation, nobody forced you to apply to graduate school or to accept this offer. 


Mmmm, I hope I am making myself clear enough. I am really sorry you did not get funding, but, as Kira said, you are making too many assumptions and judging without a clear picture. I do wish you get one of those 15% :D, but if you don't :( take advantage of this adverse situation, that's the key to success! :)

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I chose this particular institution because it was in-state tuition and spoke to many graduate students who said if you don't get funding the first year, it is likely you would get it the second year. 


For the ones that did offer me funding, one was too far away distance wise, the other would have been $30,000 for my 4th year (cannot get funding for that year) even if my tuition was waved for 3 years, it would only have been $10000 less than the worst case scenario (never getting funding) at the one I chose. 


The last program just wasn't highly ranked and I did not like the program/location as much. Although, it would have been extremely cheap. 



I think my post is venting.. not asking anything in particular, but looking for advice on funding. I am making a lot of assumptions, just upset I did not receive anything. 

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