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how often has an extended silence resulted in acceptance?


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I was talking to my academic adviser about grad school applications and he mentioned that alot of times after the top tier students have been admitted they will hold applications of good candidates that they would like to admit while they are waiting for news from funding agencies about whatever grants that they are applying to. so I would say your chances of getting in after extended silence is directly related to how generous the people at NSF, NIH, etc are feeling

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I'm presently on a ranked waiting list, so I doubt the outcome of external funding will have any impact on my chances of acceptance. On that note, I'm growing more pessimistic with each passing day. Do successful applicants usually wait until the late minute to reject an offer? Especially one from a top ranked program with unmatched funding? :cry:

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I have an extended silence story. I applied to school X for a PhD program. I did so obsessively early. Aug. 2008 and the deadline was December 15. The last I spoke with admissions was around the deadline- Decemberish and from my conversation with the admissions officer got the feeling that I was not going to be accepted. However, while on another interview trip (to school Y) in late feb. I received a phone call that I would be interviewed at school X. I went to the interview and chose the program.

I don't know if this helps. But there is still hope.

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