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SLP Bilingual Programs: Should I apply to post-baccalaureate programs?



I'm a junior psychology and Spanish major with a 3.84 GPA. I haven't taken the GRE yet but I will in July and I think I'll get around average, hopefully a little bit above, but I'm not that great at standardized tests (I'm studying REALLY hard). I want to apply to bilingual speech-language pathology programs, but I also need a program that has prerequisites.

I think I have somewhat of a chance to get into these schools, but I'm not certain and it terrifies me how there are only 8. These are all schools with a bilingual emphasis program AND prerequisites where you do not have to reapply after taking prerequisites.


Indiana University

New Mexico State University


University of Minnesota

Arizona State

University of Redlands

University of Arizona

University of Virginia seems to have a bilingual focus but it's in the works so I'm not sure if I'll apply there.


Should I also apply to schools like these, that I would apply to take prerequisites, and then not be guaranteed a spot in the graduate program afterwards (post-baccalaureate programs)? I just feel like that's a HUGE disadvantage, especially if I don't get into the grad program, because other grad programs may not accept other schools' prerequisites. These are just programs that I know of that have bilingual programs that I could potentially do after the prerequisites if accepted as a grad student- I know that there are other post-baccalaureate programs.

Florida International University

Portland State University

University of Texas at Austin


Thank you so much in advance! I can give more info about myself if needed, I just didn't want my post to be ridiculously long.

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