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Fall 2010 application season Chem responses


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Alright, the count is in! Can finally post my battle record :)

Accepted: Cornell, UNC-CH, RPI

Rejected: Yale, Dartmouth

The decision is hands down between Cornell and UNC. Did both the Visitation weekends, and currently stewing on it to consider my options :D I am very happy with my situation though!

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I just declined my offer from Michigan. I hope it helps someone in the waiting list. I would also encourage people not to wait until April 15 to decline offers, (if you have multiple offers, have done the visitation weekends and are more than sure you will not be attending one/few of them). this really helps the people in the waiting list.

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On 3/17/2010 at 1:09 PM, chemmefatale said:

My tally is:

UCD, UCI, UCSB, Washington Seattle-Out

CU Boulder-Waitlisted


Does anyone know about the Grad Chem program at Boulder?

the grad program at boulder is really gud if you are interested in BioChem. other sections are also above average....

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I am an international student applying for a PhD in organic chemistry. So far I have been admitted at NCSU, Purdue University and Ohio State University. Still waiting from UVA, does anyone have heard from them? I keep checking my status everyday but no word about any decision, do you think there is any hope?

Thank you!

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This is my present situation

Accepted- UIUC, U-Washington

Rejected- Yale, MIT, UCSF (Chemical Biology), JHU-SOM

Interviewed- Rockefeller

Pending- UT Austin, UC-Boulder, Columbia

Waiting for Boulder and Rockefeller's decision (liked many research groups there).

Most likely to take up UIUC. Any of you going to UIUC for sure ?

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To the people who visited UNC during it's first visitation weekend. What was it like? Was it set up differently from other visitation weekends you'd been to?

I went to the first visitation weekend there. I went right after my Cornell visit, and I felt that it was set up a bit differently. It was more "independent" than Cornell's, as in I felt like there was less opportunity to interact with the grad students, you were on your own a bit more. You kind of had to seek grad students out to talk to them, whereas my other visit had more events that the prospectives got specific time with the grads. UNC had your host give you an informal tour when you got there on Friday, then to be honest my host didn't talk to me again when I was there. I really felt like there were only a few grad students I got to talk to, and they were the really extroverted ones who made a point to be involved.

I also felt like it was more independent in the sense that you had to make your way around on your own, to and from the hotel and your appts, etc. I guess overall just a less structured approach than my other visit. Which depends on the each person, it can be good and bad. It gave some time to walk around on your own and figure things out, get your bearings geography wise, take pics, etc. I even had time to go to the hotel to take a nap, so it was slightly more relaxed schedule wise than my other visit.

Hope this helps! Feel free to PM me if you have any more specific questions.

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