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hi everyone!

I recently sent in my application for OISE’s MEd Counselling and Psychotherapy program and plan on applying to Ottawa’s Counselling MEd program as well. My anxiety has been and will be through the roof until springtime when the rejection/acceptance letters are mailed out!!!

My GPA in my fourth year was 3.7, with my cumulative GPA being around 3.6. Following completing my Honors BA, I took a post-graduate certificate at Humber College in Mental Health, and I also have volunteer experience at various hospitals, as well as at mental health organizations. I think my references are strong but I still can’t take the agony of waiting this long!!!

Does anyone have any insight as to the acceptance process in either of these programs? Does anyone previously accepted to either of these programs care to share their GPA’s and relevant work/volunteer experiences? 


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I applied to the Clinical Psych program at The University of Memphis. I'm not holding my breath for it, but I can't relocate...so, it is what it is. Thankfully I'm assuming I'll hear one way or the other before the application for the MSGP application is due. 



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