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With most of the deadlines for biology and biomedical Ph.D. programs for the Fall 2017 either being over or approaching, there's only one thing left to do: WAIT. 

If you're anything like me, you are refreshing your email hourly (even though it's only December 5th). So my question is to past applicants: When did you hear back from schools that you applied to about interviews and what not. Also, where did you apply? I would love to hear about some of the experiences you had with different schools and when you had correspondence with them so I can ease my own anxiety!


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Different schools have different dates on when they get back to applicants.

However, to gain a better idea of when others have heard back: Check out http://www.thegradcafe.com/survey/index.php?q=biology+phd

Unless a program is rolling admissions (most aren't), your apply date has no impact on when you hear back from programs.

Being done with applying is good though. Go treat yourself to ice-cream or a well-deserved trip somewhere or a movie. :)

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