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Harvard Ed. L.D. 2017


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I am applying to the EdLD too, but have also read different things about the interviews. I think we'll know within a few weeks if we secure an interview, but have read that someone thought that at least one person got in without one.

About me:

GRE: 162V, 153Q, 4.0 AWA

Undergrad: ~3.5 gpa

Grad: ~3.7 gpa 

Law: ~3.3 gpa


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On 1/12/2017 at 3:14 PM, AppalachianAspirer said:

Can you get accepted without an interview? If you don't get an interview, do you wait until March to find out you were rejected?

From what I have heard, 99.9% of the time, you must interview first. I believe that 50 people receive invites for 25 spots. Like @JankyGuitar, I heard that someone on one of these boards once claimed to have been accepted without an interview, but I doubt the veracity of that claim (unless perhaps (s)he received an interview invite and could not attend). I think that these interview invites will be coming out by end-of-January or early February. Good luck, all! And, yes, we won't know for sure until early March whether we were accepted or rejected, but I'm going to safely assume that if I don't hear anything about an interview by Mid-February, then it is a no-go. 

As far as stats, I think that they are secondary to experience and a demonstrated passion for education. That said, here are mine: 

GRE: 170V, 164Q, 4.5AWA

UG: 3.0 at top 50 Uni with upward trend (which I explained in my "Do your grades reflect your potential" question)

Grad: 3.8ish in Ed Policy at Top 10 Ed School

Experience: Teaching (4 years)/Department Head (1 year)/Research Assistantship (1 year) /Substitute Teacher in college (2 years), which I wrote about in my SOP as it ignited my interest in education

Anyway, again, good luck to all.


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It's always a little tricky to find on the site, but the interviews this year take place on February 23rd and 24th, a Thursday-Friday. 

I'm whether we have to cover our own expenses and flights or whether an invitation to interview would include flights, room, and board for the stay.

Would love to hear about past interviewee experiences.

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Same here, Janky. 

Since I know at least we have a couple participants in this thread...

I wonder how much of a mark it is against someone's application not to have experience in an urban district? I've got 11 years experience in education, a 4.0 in my masters program, a 163 on the verbal GRE, and a 5.0 on the writing...

Department Chair, Curriculum Writer, Teacher, Coach..

but I've worked in suburban districts. Really afraid that is going to bite me.

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I don't know how they'll weigh that Aspirer. I know your marks are nearly identical to mine on the GRE, and percentile wise that's above average of admitted students, so that's good. I can't imagine having only worked in suburban schools is a deal-breaker, but no clue how they'll weigh each component. 

Good luck though! 

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I applied to the PhD not EdLD, but I just want to say we all have a thing that we worry about (or many things, ha). Mine is that I'm older than the average graduate student, and while I think my experience is an asset, it may not be seen that way by ad comms. I don't know! It's scary putting yourself out there, yet I do believe there is no "ideal grad student." I also think the good people in admissions and on committees know what they're doing and are seeking a sense of fit curiosity, and work ethic, and will see past our particular warts. But I'll believe that more when I get into my top choices. :P

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Has anyone seen from past year's threads the specific week that invites to interview went out? I know it would have to be in the next several weeks, but wondering if anyone had a clearer idea. 

Also, will invited just come by email?

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I was asking on the other thread, but curious if y'all know whether the trip to campus for interviews is paid for by HGSE if we get invited or if we have to cover costs ourselves. The PhD interviews are over Skype, but the site says ours would be on campus:


"Once all applications have been reviewed, HGSE will invite selected Ed.L.D. applicants to campus for a day of required interviews (both individual and group) with members of the admissions committee. Interviews will take place on February 23-24, 2017."

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3 hours ago, AppalachianAspirer said:

Hey guys.

Just reading some of these other threads...

how many of you directly contacted or directly mentioned EdLD faculty in your SOP?

I did neither. :(

I did not. The EdLD is not a research doctorate like a PhD is. It's experiential and practice driven. I don't think we have a similar need to mention faculty.

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And that's the rub, right? We answer the questions, scour the info on what typical admitees look like, but really don't know what eventually goes into final decisions. As it gets closer to February I find myself checking my inbox more often. We'll see. 


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