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How to stand out in a group setting?


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At my interview weekend coming up, other than the usual one on one setting with faculty to discuss research topics, there's also a small group "research session" with one senior faculty. Although it's not specified as an interview, I think it's safe to assume it has a great impact on admission. I generally do bad in a group setting since I am not the type who are eager to start or jump into a discussion. Does anyone has similar experience who can share what goes on in these type of discussion?

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**Oops... just realized this was a topic a while ago. But in case anyone else asks**


I love group interviews. You can size up the competition and illustrate why you're a better fit for the job. You can also demonstrate problem solving and collaborative skills all at once! If you're the candidate that gets the other candidates talking, it says a lot about you being personable and relatable. Furthermore, the interviewers struggle more with keeping a straight face. You can begin to tell what they're looking for about halfway into to.

Strategy: bounce off of what another candidate says. "I really like the point that X said. I used a similar technique when I encountered X problem and I did X to solve it" or "I see where X is coming from, but I think I would use a different approach. I would X." And another interviewers favorite, I don't think I heard anyone say this, but I would do X." Write down the name of the other candidates.



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I used to appreciate shining under pressure like that. But more often than not, it seems I have come off as a non-team player. And this is goofy. When I'm in a group I tend to carry the whole load. I had to delegate projects broken up and teach in my own class while I was an undergrad in an intro to sculputural art course. I wasn't the teacher...

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