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  1. How do people get involved? The instructors only lightly touched on it a few times during my undergrad.
  2. I am currently looking at Cal State Sacramento's MA in Studio Art, but I may even put applying for a MA off for years and get remarried first?

  3. I tell people to drive around Lane County, OR, and do not even drive through it. I graduated from the U of O in 2017 late summer. I had turned in something like 58 police complaints in living there for 2.5 years. PSU is awesome, and I'd rather have finished my degree there if I had enough funding, but only 1/3 of my degree is from PSU. Just don't live in the dorms, there is a drug dealer on each floor and people get killed outside of Montgomery Hall. Look up police reports online for the last 2 years.
  4. LauraV

    Tempe, AZ

    I am glad to have this thread to read.I moved out of OR in May and tried CA in Redding(where the bad fire threatened the town). I was looking at Cal State Sacramento. I gave up recently and moved to my back up area plan which is Phoenix. Now I will be working out a plan to apply and make ASU work for me. I need to live close to school, but without a car, I need cheap food/shopping too. I'm not sure about that yet. If anyone knows if there are cheap stores off the light rail closer in to Tempe if not in the city itself, that would be helpful.
  5. LauraV

    For Artists

    I went to tour a certain school's studios and they were all joint. This means partitions, not real walls that go to the ceiling to separate the rooms. So the ink, and oil, and other very toxic chemicals get to mix and everyone gets to breath them all together. Do studios matter to you? The health of your lungs? Wouldn't you be concerned that you may develop cancer of the lungs at some point by or after graduation after all of that hard work? I'm going to ask for accommodations and work in a different bld. or I may not be able to attend if they accept me. It's my only reasonable choice given I moved states FOR MY HEALTH as I'm over 40 and I have arthritis issues.
  6. I spent 6 years getting my first BA, I skipped a year in the middle to get residency back in my old state so I could go to that U. I don't even think of how the schools would focus on this. They don't really know if you had office of accessability support and took your classes slower? For all they know you had a baby or your mom may have died. Anything could have slowed you down even just temporarily.
  7. I decided this week that going to school and teaching or being an asst. in a school at the same time will not work for me. So I must wait and apply to a school when the situation allows that and I live elsewhere since my favored school is in Las Vegas and I'm still in OR. I must get in state residence in another state or my second favorite state(CA or AZ)? But I had already started an ap. and was just about done with it. And I sent the request for a recommendation a second time, since I had asked 4 years ago after only 6 mos in undergrad. studies(post ba), and post-8 years as a stock illustrator/photographer. 1. She said no the first time because as she said, "I didn't have a large enough body of work."(this after sending her the portfolios to 5K images(graphic art illustrations) for sale on a stock site. She thought they were thumbnails when most were 16 16 in images SHOWN in large groups on ea. page as thumbnails you can click on. (No she is not a graphic arts instructor). 2. This time it's because she hasn't worked with me in an upper div. level as an instructor, and also because I don't have a cohesive/consistant body of work in clearly "one medium." Yes she ONLY WORKS IN ONE MEDIUM folks! I knew it was a 50-50 shot. But she's old school, very mentall limited I believe artistically. And she is like 2 years younger than I am? Oh well. It was worth a try. The programs I'd read for grad schools that are like her in thinking, "You must chose a track, only one track-one medium" like in undergrad programs, I ran from like the plague. They are NOT PROGRESSIVE in their thinking AT ALL! Not forward looking. I am damn proud of my mixed media works. I moved from simply a graphic designer mostly self-taught to a much more multi-focal person who approaches creativity from many potential angles to complete my works while in college again.
  8. For a grad art program? I'm having the hardest time figuring out if I can apply anywhere for scholarships/grants for artist attending grad MFA programs? All of the so called organized websites to join and search from, give me SCAM like info. or nothing at all. How about ADHD? I'm Norwegian, Danish? I was born in MN? Over 45?
  9. LauraV

    Las Vegas, NV

    I was taken aside by an acquaintance yesterday(yes the same weirdo whom warned me about Eugene, OR and I didn't listen). He was in some travel industry and lived everywhere! He said, "Las Vegas is intense!" Can anyone else comment? I figure if I got into their MFA, I would spend 60 hour weeks in the school anyway and very rarely be out in public communicating/interacting with the locals for about 3.5 years!
  10. LauraV

    Corvallis, OR

    Anywhere below Salem in the state is FULL OF FELONS! This is because the state FOR 20 YEARS....has moved the Felons down to Lane county(Eugene) to do parool and live, then they finish their program and STAY within 35 miles or so of Eugene!!!!!! ICKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 50 police reports in 3.25 years in Eugene!
  11. I have almost always felt on the outside, with very few acquaintances in college at all! I consider myself 40% extrovert, 60% introvert.
  12. I had a ton of issues trying to get dental work done. It's still not done. The weather is FREEZING in oregon today. I really think I'm going to watch tv online all evening and go to sleep as soon as I can. I looked up astrology online and the date and it says, "Winter Solstice" USA today printed, "https://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/nation-now/2017/12/20/winter-solstice-worst-day-2017-astrologers/970249001/ Astrologist calls it Worst day of the year, 2017!
  13. Sigh, someone got an acceptance...........................ahhhhhhh sounds nice!
  14. Ug., kind of depressing. How would I look these things up exactly?
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