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@phillyslp2b Wondering the same thing. Northern Arizona didn't include financial aid info (when they accepted me, yay!) via email. I followed up and they just sent a generic link for the past year's tuition rates which are subject to change and doesn't give me much to go on for my own tuition. Asked again about more specific financial aid details and hoping to hear back during the business week. It'll be an important factor in choosing a school by April 15th. I filled out my FAFSA already so they should have what they need. 

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@peachyspeechy I'm in exactly the same boat! So far I've been accepted to Temple, University of Rhode Island, and Univ. of Maryland and no one has included any financial info grrr. UMD said they will send "official" acceptance letters out in mid-March (so far I've just relieved a brief acceptance email) so maybe all of the schools follow up with some sort of package?? It would be nice to know this stuff before April comes around and we're going nuts trying to decide if we can afford a school!

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