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Hello! Can I go to the grad school? Do I have a chance?



Hello! I feel depressed.... I'm just so worried about my application. Please help! I already applied some late-deadline (around April 1st) grad school for this fall (2017), for M.S. Here is my basic profile:

Undergraduate: GPA3.076, B.S. in biology (from U of Arizona)

GRE: V 141, Q 170, AW 3.0

Experience: 1 year lab tech, some related volunteer experience

References: Two professors (Animal Science & Biostatistics), and my supervisor (from the lab I'm working)

I applied U of Wyoming (M.S. Animal Science), U of Louisville (M.S. Biology), New Jersey Institute of Technology (M.S. Biology), Colorado State U (M.S. Animal Science), and U of Minnesota-Twin Cities (M.S. Animal Science).

No papers, 2.8 major GPA, Not looking for funding... just want to get a higher education...

Do you think I have a chance to get in any of those schools? :( Any evaluation... Any comments... Any advice will be nice!!!!! Thank you!

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Honestly, your GRE and GPA are pretty low. I would say that if you contacted professors and have a really good research fit then you may be able to this year, but if not, just try to get more experience, improve your GRE and when you apply next year you should try to contact potential advisors before applying. Good luck!

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