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Advice on Writing SOP for MS Mechanical Engineering Carnegie Mellon University

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CMU is my dream school and i have read a lot about its programs online but i was hoping if anyone can share from there own experiences what particular things should i highlight in my SOP for admission into MS Mechanical Engineering at CMU.

My Profile is

Undergraduate: 3.77 / 4.00 (2nd in Department , Silver Medal)

GRE: (166 Q, 154 V, 3.5 AWA) 320


3 years industry experience in Machinery Diagnostics


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Did you study for your 166 Quant score? If so, I'd think about it again. I know lots of people that had a higher score (and didn't even do MechE) and still struggled with the math. But I still think if you wanna go there your scores are neither a plus nor a minus, they're okay and you're not gonna get filtered out.

I can't speak for MechE, only for Stats, so no helpful information there, besides the point made, sorry. Just wanna make sure you thought about what the lectures are gonna be like there.

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