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What is the likelihood of me getting into my listed school of interest (see list below) with my current GRE scores and background?


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Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!


Bachelors: Psychology

Masters of Science: Human Cognitive Neuropsychology

Undergrad overall GPA (I had one horrible semester): 3.465

Undergrad Psychology GPA: 3.8


I am a horrible test taker:

-GRE Verbal:  149; 42%

-GRE Quant:  146; 24%

-GRE Writing: 4.5;  82%


Research experience: 3 years (Research technician in EEG , fMRI and clinical lab); 3 years (Project coordinator at  upper limb prosthesis research lab)

Clinical experience: 3 years (Clinical lab working with patients with ASD, dyslexia and schizophrenia and assist with writing neuropsych reports); 1 year (clinical lab learning how to administer cognitive measures and shadowing Clinical Psychologist).


Teaching experience: Taught two one-hour courses to research interns on EEG data analysis and protocol for conducting research with at risk populations. Supervised training of summer interns at Neuroimaging lab.


Abstract submission and Poster presentation: 5 (3 secondary author @ VA medical center; 2 first authors @ Dubrovnik Conference on Cognitive Science VI; and @ University of Edinburgh, respectively).


Publications: 6 (2 second author, 3 third authorships).

Potential publication by time I submit PHD applications: 9 (three manuscripts currently under review)


Race: Black

Gender: Male

Languages speak and understand: English (fluent), French (can semi comprehend and speak), creole (can semi-comprehend a little difficulty speaking)


Schools applying to, in order of preference:

1.      Yale University

2.      Harvard University

3.      University of Pennsylvania

4.      University of Michigan

5.      University of Iowa

6.      Temple University

7.      DUKE University

8.      University of Oregon

9.      Indiana University Bloomington

10.   Washington State University

11.   Boston University

12.   The university of Vermont

13.   The University of Maine

14.   University of Missouri, Kansas City  

15.   George Mason University 

16.   Eastern Michigan University  

17.   University of Wisconsin-Madison 

18.   University of Wyoming 

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