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Fall 18 | MS | CS | G.R.E 330 (Q-170/V-160) | GPA 9.36 | TOEFL 117| LNMIIT, Jaipur


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Objective: MS in Natural Language Processing related programs
More Inclination towards Industry than a PhD 
GRE: 330 (170 quant + 160 verbal+ 4.5 AWA)
TOEFL: 117 (R-29, L-30, S-28, W-30)
GPA: 9.36/10.0 
College: LNMIIT, Jaipur (Deemed University in India)
Papers: 2 at CoNLL-2017 (Top-tier, view) {4th author out of 6} and ICON-2016 (National Level, view) {2nd author out of 2} [Both are in NLP]
LORs: Yale Prof+Stanford PostDoc+LNMIIT Associate Prof
Internships (all remote): Yale University (Resulting in CoNLL Paper), Nanyang Technological University (Resulting in ICON Paper), NCSR Demokritos and a startup
*Universities already finalized*- Stanford,CMU,Columbia,UPenn,  UC Berkeley, UWashinton, USC
*Only 1 quick point needs to be resolved*
After extensive research, I've shortlisted these universities which I need to classify as Ambi/Mod/Safe. I've not received replies from popular profile evaluation platforms and hence need your expertise in the matter. If possible, could you also provide any specific points about why I should/shouldn't apply here- (Eg- Funded MS? Most Job Prospects? Good as a safety school?) 
1) Harvard University
2) Georgia Tech
3) UT Austin
4) John Hopkins
5) University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
6) Cornell
8) Princeton
9) UC San Diago
10) University of Michigan
11) University of Wisconsin Madison
12) Yale University
13) NYU, TAMU, OSU, ASU (Safety)
14) University of Maryland,College Park
15) Purdue University
-Thankyou so much!!
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