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I think ASHA EdFind was updated...

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So I had made tables of the stats from EdFind of schools I am interested in to help me decide which schools I should apply to. I made my initial list probably less than a month ago. However, I was checking EdFind today and noticed that all the stats for the schools I am applying to changed. I'm assuming this means EdFind was updated?! The stats i'm seeing listed now have, for the most part, much lower GRE score averages and higher acceptance rates.


For example about a month ago I recorded these stats for Western Michigan:

GRE- 154V 152Q 4AW GPA- 3.49-3.0 # of offers- 76 # of applications- 339

And now EdFind has these stats for Western Michigan:

GRE- 150V 150Q 4AW GPA- 3.0-3.0 # of offers- 150 # of applications- 284


I'm a little confused on what to believe now! Does anyone know how often ASHA updates their EdFind? Because these are big changes (for ex. it changes WMU's acceptance rate from about 22% to now 52%)! Hopefully the stats on the site are more accurate now.


Has anyone else noticed this?

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