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  1. For anyone who hasn't started sending their emails to programs, Stanford emailed me back saying they prefer to send out that information in mid-June when they are a little slower, but would answer any time sensitive questions Just wanted to let you all know!
  2. Just sent all my emails asking about areas I could improve on. That was nerve wracking, but waiting to hear back will be worse. One good thing is that I just filled out paperwork for my genetic counseling volunteer/shadowing gig that has been four months in the making! I'll get to shadow at least 4 hours a week (and would prefer to do around 8 if possible). The only issue is that I start working full-time and until I am trained (roughly a month or longer) I won't be on a schedule that allows me to go in. Once I start working I can figure out how long my training will actually be and then get it all figured out for sure.
  3. Finally got my grades back for my last semester. Ended with a 4.0 for the semester, A's in both developmental psychology and abnormal psychology as well as an A in a genetics lab class. Brings by cumulative GPA up to a 3.36 for when I apply for next cycle (3.58 for last 60 units). My major GPA is still only a 2.75 :/ Still, I'm pretty happy with this as my stats last cycle was a 3.29 cum, (3.4~ for last 60), and 2.66 for major. Hopefully my upcoming grad classes will take some pressure off my major GPA.
  4. Still a bit too early for me to reach out, but I was wondering if anyone had advice on how to phrase emails to programs when asking about advice on where my application needs improvements?
  5. International tuition is likely more expensive than out-of-state, but hopefully the schools you are interested in do not have a huge difference in the costs. That is a bummer, I agree with @Nefelibata I would be incredibly turned off of those programs. All those additional classes would just add even more cost to the application process. And there's no guarantee that you'll get in/get an interview even after you take them. You have a good plan to reach out and get some feedback on that, hopefully you won't have to retake anything!
  6. Why do you need to retake/update courses? You've only been out of school for 5 years, most of the information is still relevant besides genetics, but you can just read up on new topics. In-state tuition is for residents who live in that state and go to a public school. (I.e. I live in Arizona and got to UofArizona and therefore pay in-state tuition, but would have to pay out-of-state if I went to California or Texas, etc). You are coming from Canada and would therefore qualify as an international student and have to pay international tuition. To tell the difference, state/public schools will have in-state versus out-of-state while private universities will not. Looking on the school's Bursar/Registrar site where the tuition is listed, you can typically find a tuition and fees calculator that will let you input your information and demographics and it will generate a tuition amount for you. Factors for me include location, cost, types of rotations available, class size, what their focus is (psychosocial vs. research based). Location was my biggest factor and I only applied to schools/areas that I would have been happy while living there for two years. I also want to be closer to family, so that made Arizona my central hub and I applied to places closer to here and not on the East coast. Cost and tuition would have been factored in more realistically had I received interviews.
  7. Could I ask which school? Fungers crossed someone from this board gets in!! Good luck everyone who's going for it.
  8. As per the match site, they have a list of scheduled dates, figured I'd post the more important ones: 9/5/17: List of participating programs released/Applicants can register for Match process 12/15/17: Must be registered for Match process by this date. Additionally, applicants must be registered for Match before a program will consider their applicant. 3/29/18: Participants can start submitting Rank Order List 4/13/18: Deadline to submit Rank Order List 4/27/18 at NOON: Results released 4/28/18-5/31/18: Post-Match Process starts and unmatched applicants can seek to fill empty seats at programs So yeah, looks similar to what I was expecting deadline-wise and seems to be a fair date for us to have finished interviews before we rank the programs
  9. Oh wonderful! That's exactly what I was worried about. I'm starting my first full-time job in June and since I'm not entirely sure what to expect about how much time I'll actually have after work, I didn't want to commit and not be able to finish. I'm definitely looking more into the neuro and cardio genetics classes, but I think embryology might be fun too! Thanks again for the info!
  10. Oh wow thank you! It's are actually relatively cheap compared to classes at my university, I saw their neurogenetics course that is also the same format I could even start those now and likely have them completed before my other courses start later this summer. Do you remember if there is a time deadline to have the course completed by once you start, like 13-16 weeks after you started the course? I need to research more but if I do end up taking it, I don't want to bite off more than I can handle and not be able to finish in time
  11. I would assume only after all your interviews? That's the only fair way. Especially since many people's ideas of top choice and last choice change between just applying and having gone through interviews. And since you would never be offer a spot without an interview, there'd be no reason to send in a ranked list of all the programs you applied to if you didn't receive an interview from all of them. Maybe there will be a specific date all interviews have to be done for each program, say 2-3 weeks before match day? Then there will likely be a deadline for applicants and programs to submit their ranked list as well and then the match process can happen. But this is all just speculation.
  12. Yeah I am happy with my grade in genetics, my Chem/biochem classes are where most of my Cs are. And I have already take both bioethics and a public speaking class, so I'm good on that front but glad you mentioned them! I really should focus on my science classes GPA as that's (what I believe, but I'll find out soon enough once I contact programs) really hindered my application. Yet at the same thing, I think having a deeper psych/public health background couldn't hurt since my degree is in Moleculae and Cellular Biology.
  13. Yes I would love that! Thank you, I'll message you my email address
  14. Thank you! That helps me a lot. With working my classes are limited to evening or online, so I might not be able to take an intro counseling class. I just found a grad level Public Health class on telemedicine that I thought would be interesting, so I am enrolled in that. I will likely take an intro human histology class that is grad level as well. I think I should force myself to take the other semester of biochem, and then round it out with the health psych class!
  15. Yes! I very strongly want to go to Arizona, for one I live here already and have done undergrad here, so of course it's my number 1. But that puts soo much pressure on making sure I nail the interview and hope that they love me. But I still need to be smart about the others ranking so that I am TRULY happy when I get my offer. That's why they strongly tell you to only rank programs you'd ACTUALLY attend, but they tell you to not leave programs off as that lessens your chance of getting in too.