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  1. Oh nah, I bet your email might have just been lost in the thick of things. I'd just send them a follow up
  2. I received an email with feedback from the director on the 11th. I sent my email on May 25th. Hope that helps!
  3. I have received responses to my emails from five of the eight schools I applied to regarding feedback, received feedback from four of those, and am still waiting to hear back from three. So far the feedback is basically what I already assumed, but it was nice to hear areas that I did well/impressed them in. It makes me feel like I wasn't totally poor candidate. ----- In reference to what @Nefelibata said above, I can attest to the length of getting programs started. Arizona wanted to accept applicants LAST cycle, but due to university politics, didn't even get approval from the school until Spring. That's why they had to push back until 2018, but I am not worried now. The school is completely behind the program and ready to get it start ASAP.
  4. My first criteria for choosing was location. I want to stay in my state, and if not, as close as possible. So that cuts programs down to the ones on the west coast/south west. After that it's cost, if I could afford it, and then if I'd even want to live there. As you can see from my signature, that's 8 schools. I applied to 8 last cycle, but only 5 of them are the same from last cycle, the other three are new schools that should be open by next cycle. I know it's not super helpful, but that's my criteria. My mentor once told me that "you can do anything for two years," and I think that's true. Try not to stress too much, but I think interviews and being honest when you do rankings after interviews, you'll end up where you're supposed to be.
  5. Arizona will likely be much closer to fall/when they get approval. I will double check with my mentor. I'm emailing her today to get some more information/insight into how the process is going.
  6. When did you hear back from Oklahoma and what email did you use? I'm setting up a time to chat with the CSU Stan program director for next Thursday.
  7. Thanks for letting me know! I'll continue waiting on Augustana before taking any additional steps, but I did email the UCI director directly. Hopefully she replies soon!
  8. Denver gave me another email address and said to contact after 6/6, CSU Stan told me to call after 6/9, and Stanford said they would re-review my application and reach out to me mid-June. So none have given me actual feedback yet.
  9. Has anyone heard back from UCI, Utah, UTHealth, Augustana, or Oklahoma when asking on how to improve your application? I sent emails to all the schools I've applied, and have only heard back from CSU, Stanford and UC Denver about either waiting on contact or giving me to correct information for who to contact. So I still have had no input from schools on where my app was lacking :/
  10. Hi, so I have sent out emails to all my programs. Basically only three have replied all telling me to contact them after June 4th, 6th, or 9th (different for each program), but I haven't received anything like that. I was bummed as I waited until the 25th to send these emails and was still told I need to wait a could more weeks until they have time. All programs that responded to me have said that they'd be happy to discuss my application... I feel that is a little rude of a program to only offer such a short time.. but I guess I don't really understand what other things they may be dealing with on their end... but still.
  11. I know Pima Community College (my local CC) offers developmental psych online that transferred perfectly to my uni for credit! https://bannerweb.pima.edu/pls/pima/az_tw_zipsched.p_search_results
  12. For anyone who hasn't started sending their emails to programs, Stanford emailed me back saying they prefer to send out that information in mid-June when they are a little slower, but would answer any time sensitive questions Just wanted to let you all know!
  13. Just sent all my emails asking about areas I could improve on. That was nerve wracking, but waiting to hear back will be worse. One good thing is that I just filled out paperwork for my genetic counseling volunteer/shadowing gig that has been four months in the making! I'll get to shadow at least 4 hours a week (and would prefer to do around 8 if possible). The only issue is that I start working full-time and until I am trained (roughly a month or longer) I won't be on a schedule that allows me to go in. Once I start working I can figure out how long my training will actually be and then get it all figured out for sure.
  14. Finally got my grades back for my last semester. Ended with a 4.0 for the semester, A's in both developmental psychology and abnormal psychology as well as an A in a genetics lab class. Brings by cumulative GPA up to a 3.36 for when I apply for next cycle (3.58 for last 60 units). My major GPA is still only a 2.75 :/ Still, I'm pretty happy with this as my stats last cycle was a 3.29 cum, (3.4~ for last 60), and 2.66 for major. Hopefully my upcoming grad classes will take some pressure off my major GPA.
  15. Still a bit too early for me to reach out, but I was wondering if anyone had advice on how to phrase emails to programs when asking about advice on where my application needs improvements?