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  1. I found an apartment complex through r/boulder and pre-leased a two-bed near campus for $1400 (Timber Ridge). I found my roommate through Ralphie's List.
  2. I'm very excited. I've been out of school for four years and my job (legal transcription) isn't exactly invigorating. I'm quite eager to do something I care about again. Also somewhat anxious since I'm coming in with only a BA and I'm scared the profs won't like my papers or I'll get behind on the work, but I think the real anxiety will only hit come August when I move to Boulder
  3. !! Congrats! Do you think you will accept?
  4. Yes. I'm going to try to pre-lease at Timber Ridge with a roommate from Ralphie's List today.
  5. My sense from the rental market is that $500-$600 is possible if you have tons of roommates or live far away. Throw on $400-500 for utilities, food, and other expenses and you'd be cutting it extremely close, but basically breaking even.
  6. I am starting the PhD program in philosophy this fall. Just wondering whether any other Boulder grad students, incoming or current, are on here.
  7. Yeah, it's also maybe worth noting that some people prefer not to wash their hair every time they shower because it strips oils from your scalp, and over-washing makes some people's hair look worse.
  8. Yeah, so I think a key part of my basic argument is that people don't necessarily look bad (or even worse than usual) with greasy or disheveled hair. I even think some people's hair (mine included! :p) looks better uncombed. The blood example is a little tricky because it might raise health concerns for someone (even if it is scabbed over, what if it reopens, the person has bloody hands, etc.?). If I glued dead maggots to my face, I think pretty much everyone would recoil at the sight of me, and I think that sort of thing would be inappropriate in a classroom (or, uh, anywhere public). But I don't think having greasy+disheveled hair is inappropriate in a classroom. Unprofessional? Sure, depending on your profession. But we're not appearing in a courtroom or testifying before Congress here....
  9. I guess I'll try to take a moderate position here: I don't think I owe schoolmates a duty to keep my care greaseless or combed; it's my hair, I'll do what I want with it. But reeking is another matter entirely. We do owe each other basically neutral (or good!) body odors, and I'd hate to will that my (hypothetical!) stinkiness be made a universal law...
  10. I think one thing to consider is that prospectives often stay with grad students, and some people aren't as comfortable showering in someone else's house, maybe using their towel, etc. Prospectives have also been traveling, which isn't always conducive to the most pleasant odors. I don't think missing a shower for one day is that horrible for most people, but hopefully the smellier students you met know their limits and clean accordingly in the future!
  11. Thanks! I was lucky to escape the fate of Buridan's ass this time.
  12. I would wait until the current cycle of notices is likely done going out (later today or tomorrow I guess), then solicit.
  13. If you haven't solicited from Austin, you can contact Sally Jackman. She responded right away to my email today.
  14. I have accepted an offer from Colorado Boulder. Is anyone else on here either going to attend or considering attending CU?
  15. I'm not arguing the high average thing is damning evidence, but it's kinda notable I think that UCSD for example averages 168V. (I have also heard they specifically care more than most about GRE.) Colorado, where I got in, put me up for a college-wide fellowship partly due to GRE; I think it is reasonably common. I think I have heard a prof online talk about GRE breaking ties but I'm not gonna bother trying to cite that one. I think Schwitzgebel's perspective on GRE reflects the general feeling: "GRE scores are less important to your application than grades, letters, writing sample, and statement of purpose. A few schools don't even require them. In my experience, some members of admissions committees take them seriously and others discount them entirely...At UCR I'd say below 1250 is a strike against an applicant, above 1400 is a bonus." 1250 is around 310 now, while 1400 is about a 321. http://gre.graduateshotline.com/gre_score_scale.html