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  1. Ha I know... I had set it aside in my mind until April but this recent letter took me by surprise and upset my careful compartmentalization. I definitely have many things to keep me busy until the actual announcement!
  2. Sorry to hear this Can you still apply again next year? I remember reading the last year is I think the 3rd year of a Ph.D. program? I'm applying in my 2nd right now. I was wondering about this too. My letter doesn't say 534 "direct" applicants, it just says "among the 534 applications reviewed...". Have been trying to figure out how these numbers work. Does the 251 recommended apps include only foreign ones? Because last year they gave out a total of 450 awards, Canadian and foreign. The total foreign awards given last year was 43 awards and 10 "unknown" (what?) I'm busy trying to figure out what the hell kind of chances I have based on these stats.
  3. Resurrecting this: does the Canadian government really offer no overseas graduate level language training funding?
  4. For those who stumble upon this in the future: I heard back from someone at SSHRC and sending them directly from the institution is fine. Phew.
  5. Okay, I know it's due tomorrow but it just occurred to me: I'm applying from a university outside of Canada. Was I supposed to attach the transcripts to my application? I did it gradapp style and sent the transcripts directly from my institutions to SSHRC HQ. Did I just screw myself?
  6. I'm wondering if anyone here knows: is there a Fulbright for Canadians currently studying in the US? I know that the Canadian Fulbright can be used to fund study in the US but I'm wondering if I can apply and use it to study outside of North America.
  7. I'm currently in a Ph.D. program in the US but I'm a Canadian citizen. That means unfortunately that I'm ineligible for FLAS (US citizens only). The only thing I saw from the Canadian government requires the student to be residing in Canada and attending a Canadian school. Anyone know of institutes, programs, or fellowships that fund Canadians studying abroad (or, a US program that doesn't require citizenship?) I'm most interested in going to Taiwan or Hong Kong.
  8. The only time I've used that option on Priceline, I received a 6am flight. Be ready to get a really, really bad flight time.
  9. Another Ontarioan! I'm an admit to the program. PM me if you want to talk!
  10. I reckon committee chairs would, at last resort, leave a message. I can't imagine they're thinking "Well, Unimpressed3D didn't pick up their phone so I guess they're not Columbia material."
  11. Update: all went well and my advisor was very supportive and made things not awkward. Hooray!
  12. FWIW: my journey to my dream program has been a tumultuous one! I was rejected across the board two years in a row when I applied to MA programs straight out of undergrad (in Canada). I gave up hope on the grad school dream and took some crap jobs, went to teach overseas, grew as a person, did a teaching degree, etc. Then, tired of working food service jobs, I spent an entire year prepping, making sure that my WS and rest of my app would be up to date and speaking to what's going on in current lit scholarship, and applied again to US MA programs. Got in, and now, 8 years since that spate of world-crumbling rejections, I'm super happy to be where I am. 8 years might seem scary and not-comforting to those hoping to get into programs now. Despite occasionally wishing I had gotten through my Ph.D. program many years ago, I'm so glad I got to tajeke that long break. Anyway, it's great you all are being proactive and working on your Plan B's. I think the most important things are to not push getting into grad school if it's not the right time and also really giving yourself the time and space to have a singular focus on prepping your apps.
  13. I was called by the adcomm chair and told I was on the wait list. On another one, I was told that I received a spot in the incoming cohort but that there were financial issues to sort out; no 'wait list' there but then a follow up email (from another person in the department) did use the words 'wait list' so I was a bit confused. I had been corresponding with these folks in person for a while, though, so that may be why it was different. I'd assume that any, more official email that comes in would have to use the words "wait list". No sense in being coy about it and causing worried grad students to bombard the grad admin with nervous emails.
  14. Looking forward to meeting other USC admits in March!
  15. You're right. I think I'm just really awkward. I thought I was being very professional when I turned down an offer from a school by giving a professional reason but the POI that had been trying to recruit me took it completely the wrong way and sent back a snippy email. I've been paranoid ever since.