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  1. When I see that some of my schools have already made acceptance offers, I just rationalize it by saying that maybe only certain departments have, and then if I see that the acceptance is from the psychology department, I figure that maybe my POI hasn't gotten around to making any offers yet. It's not even February, so it's too early to decide that I am only getting interviews from the schools that have already contacted me. It's keeping me sane-ish for now, until I actually get a rejection.
  2. Hi guys! After spending so much money on application fees, sending GRE scores, and booking flights to interviews my bank account is pretty pathetic. I wish I could spend my summer relaxing, but I know that I need to make money somehow. What is everyone else planning on doing this summer? I have seen some lab internships and summer camp jobs that seek Psychology graduates, but the thought of writing more essays, asking for more LORs, and competing against more students for summer positions is incredibly stressful, and I am just not sure I can handle more of that right now. Does anyone have su
  3. How do you see that? I can't see anything except that I completed the application.
  4. I would definitely list my research advisor as a co-author. I have done independent research with a grant and everything as well, but I just feel like the people who are involved usually get credit as well. Even if some of my peers in my advisor's lab helped me with data collection, I would probably include them as well. You of course would be listed first, since you were the PI and you are writing the paper, but I am sure your advisor played enough of a role that he deserves to be included.
  5. Whoever got an acceptance letter today from University of Michigan's developmental psych program, can you PM me your POI?
  6. I am interested in this too. I applied there but haven't heard anything
  7. I didn't go to an Ivy League school, but personally I think I got more out of my AP psych class than most people did out of Intro to psych in college. I tutor intro now and have yet to see anything in that class that wasn't taught to me in AP psych. They should do some validity tests between AP psych and the intro courses before discrediting the effort that students put into studying for the AP test.
  8. I had always been told that emailing professors was important to save time and money if they aren't accepting students, but I am not sure it really did me any good. I read some articles by my POIs at each of the 11 schools to which I applied and made intelligent comments, even connecting their work to my own research projects. Some responded with a somewhat generic email about looking forward to seeing my application and thinking our research interests fit well together, while others didn't respond at all. One important thing I discovered was that American applicants have trouble getting fundi
  9. I had a skype interview with one school that mentioned that they would be contacting people about an interview weekend starting January 31, but never explicitly invited me. Then the next day, I received a formal invitation for an interview on February 1, but with a note that not attending because of financial issues or problems with missing school would not affect my chances of being accepted. In my situation, both schools were about equal ranking, but I had already skyped with the professor at the first, and had never been able to speak with the professor at the second. I waited a few days,
  10. I am applying to mostly developmental programs, with a few cognitive programs. So far, I've only really heard back from the cognitive programs. Yesterday I received two emails inviting me to interview weekends i February: one from Pitt (cognitive) and one from LSU (cognitive/developmental program). I also had a Skype interview at Penn state (again, for a cognitive program) last week, but haven't received a formal invitation to the interview weekend, although the faculty member with whom I interviewed did tell me that was the next step. I hope everyone else is getting good news, considering
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