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  1. Whoever got the interview for York University's cognitive program, could you PM me your POI?
  2. I am no expert at the US immigration laws, and I am sure someone who knows more can comment, but I have never known America to turn away people from other countries who want to teach, and you could definitely find a school here that really loves diverse perspectives, such as someone from the UK. This is all just based on my impression of American universities, but I think it is definitely a possibility.
  3. These two things! My responses to where I am applying are always just like yours, "uh they're all over the country, even some in Canada. I applied to 11 schools and if I name them all you won't remember them anyway," and people just respond, "oh...wow...ok..." Also I am applying to cognitive and developmental psychology programs and I still get crap like that about reading minds. Most people are like, "oh you want to be a therapist? I have a lot of problems, so you can help me." But no, I have no interest in being a therapist, that is not all psychology is. Gah
  4. This post has really calmed my nerves a bit about interviews in general. I am a pretty shy/quiet person, so interviews intimidate me, but the idea that you can admit your weaknesses and just treat the whole interview as a conversation is a good thought, especially considering you might be in their lab next year and should have no problem talking to them then.
  5. I had an interview last weekend that was very casual and not a lot of pressure, and I have one this weekend. I am not loving losing my weekends because the work seems to just keep piling on (I'm still an undergrad), but I know it will all be worth it. Only having 2 interviews so far really puts the pressure on though because this might be all I get.
  6. I hope this isn't the case for you, but after a skype interview with a POI that I thought went very well, she gave me the dates of the interview weekend, but then I never got an official invitation and ended up getting rejected a few days before the weekend they were holding interviews. These things are so weird and I hate that I was so positive about how the interview worked. I am really sorry if this makes you more anxious; I just couldn't resist responding to a story that seemed so similar to my own.
  7. I thought the exact same thing. The professors were not really dressed up, and the grad students definitely were not. We had a dinner at a professor's house and I was asking what I should wear and the students were like, we're all going to be in jeans, so don't get too dressed up. Everything at my interview was a lot more relaxed than I expected, and it felt nice to know that no one was judging me on the outfit that I pondered over for hours.
  8. No that's totally fine! I would rather not be sure than know that I didn't get an interview for sure haha. Holding onto that little bit of hope.
  9. I've gotten interviews from Pitt, LSU, and Penn (which was followed by a rejection), but those are the only ones I've heard about. Glad to see a thread started for cog though.
  10. Do you know if the open house is only for the clinical developmental program or for all of the psychology programs? I talked to my POI in the fall and she said that funding was difficult for American students, so that might be why I haven't heard back.
  11. Yes I have a test essay to be writing, but instead I am reading articles to prepare for my interview next weekend and sitting on gradcafe... Also I went to an interview this past weekend and was the only person still in undergrad at the interview, so it was a little weird.
  12. As far as I can tell, everything on Wolverine access looks exactly the same as before I was rejected. So I'm thinking you won't be able to tell from there
  13. I applied to York too! But no, I haven't heard anything. They are very near the top of my list though, so I would love to hear something.
  14. Oh that is good to hear. It doesn't sound very promising, but at least we will know for sure.
  15. It makes me laugh that "also" and "like" are commonly used words by the worst applicants
  16. My dad keeps saying "well if you don't get in anywhere, you can come home and go to school here." I have explained to him a million times that the location has nothing to do with why I don't get in. Any school in my home state would be just as difficult. He seems to think that if I live at home, they will just decide not to fund me and so if it isn't a funding issue, it's no longer competitive. Also my mom on the phone the other day, "Well I don't know why Stanford wouldn't accept you. What do they want that you don't have?" Oh I don't know, how about 10,000 publications and conference pres
  17. At one of my interviews, I definitely felt like I was being quizzed on my knowledge of specific theories. For one, I was honest that I had read about it, but I didn't have a good enough grasp on it to apply it to the situation she suggested. She explained it to me very quickly and clearly, and I was able to apply it to the situation right away, but I am worried that it hurt me that I didn't know the theory well enough. I am applying to do research in a field that really interests me, but none of the psych classes at my college cover it, so I don't have a very deep theoretical background aside
  18. School: Penn State Area: Cognitive Rationalization: Even though I got an interview, I think that there must have been a lot of other competitive applicants for my spot. I should have sounded more enthusiastic about my research interests and had some ideas for further research available for when she asked for that. Also needed to brush up on relevant theories that she asked me about and have more specifically read her research, as I think I misconstrued some details of one study we discussed. I still have a few more interviews lined up, and now I know what to improve. The first one just hurts
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