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  1. Thank you so much! This is all good advice and mainly along the same lines I was thinking. I wish my other schools would let me know already so I can give a spot to someone on the waitlist at at least one school.
  2. Yeah it was quite a shock to me that I got in without even interviewing, but it isn't a very well known school, so I think they may not have had many applicants. Like I said though, it has left me very uneducated about their program in comparison to the ones where I already had interviews.
  3. Oh btw I am not applying to clinical programs, so the interviews are not necessarily expected for every school
  4. I assume that they didn't require an interview based on the fact that I was accepted without one. The website doesn't mention interviews, but neither did the ones that gave me interviews. I know that I have until April 15th, but I don't want to send the impression that I am not interested by never responding when they send me information. It's just a little overwhelming.
  5. I recently received an acceptance earlier this week from a school without first having an interview. This means that I wasn't pressured before the acceptance to find out as much as possible about the program in order to ask intelligent questions. The problem is, they are now emailing me nearly everyday offering to provide more information, and have called me to answer my questions and see where I stand in terms of my decision. To be honest, I haven't even had time to read through the website, nor any of the articles they sent me after I was accepted. I know that the school just doesn't wa
  6. The first few interviews I got were all between 7-9pm on a Friday night, and the most recent was around 8pm on a Wednesday. As far as actual acceptances and rejections, they mainly happened for me in the afternoon, although I woke up to one around 8am one morning.
  7. Birthday cake oreos. After a whole container of them, they really aren't very good anymore
  8. Seeing the grumpy cat photo next to this comment and in response to the bunny video really makes me laugh
  9. Yeah I also applied to the cognitive/developmental program so I am hoping they just haven't made decisions yet
  10. Accepted: Louisiana State University University of Texas El Paso Rejected: Penn State University of Michigan Oklahoma State University
  11. Whoever got into UTEP's cognitive program could you PM me?
  12. I applied to schools that were all pretty good research fits, and I could see myself going in any of the directions my POIs have taken. That being said, at the moment the main things that I am considering are: funding, facilities, success of students after graduation, location, and the general environment with the students and professors. Interviews have been so helpful in narrowing things down. The only problem is the schools that have accepted me without interviews because I can't get a good feel for the environment without having met everyone there.
  13. Yeah I think this is probably just a cultural difference. There is no expectation in my field here in America to do anything between undergrad and grad school. I mean, there really isn't much you can do with an undergrad psych degree that would prepare you for grad school (except maybe work in a lab, which is what you would be doing in grad school), so that may play a role too.
  14. Yeah my university still has classes and everything, so I wouldn't assume that everyone is off. Glad you reminded me about the no mail thing though, and the banks being closed. I was planning on going to the bank, but I can also now avoid checking my mail 3 times in one day because I don't know when it is delivered.
  15. When I got my first rejection, I cried and cried and my boyfriend responded in a way that may not be comforting for everyone, but definitely was for me. I applied to 12 schools and he said, "Well you didn't expect to get into every one did you?" The point is, there is a reason you applied to more than one school. We know the odds are not good for us to apply to a school and get in, so one rejection really shouldn't hurt that much. If you don't get in anywhere, that's one thing, but you applied to multiple schools because you expect to get rejected from some.
  16. I worry that this is going to happen to me all the time. I do everything I can to stay positive when I meet with my research mentor and she asks about grad school, and she is pretty short in her questions. Unfortunately, I am one who shows emotion without realizing it, so I think she may not question much because she can see the fear and anxiety on my face when she brings it up. You're not alone though. This has happened to many of my friends recently, and there are a few professors in my department who announce that they will be there if we have breakdowns during this process. If I end up wit
  17. Well yes, for clinical programs it may be different because they are more likely to interview than any other type of program. I didn't know what kind of program PsychGirl was applying for
  18. Typically PhD programs let you know by April 15, so my professors say not to start worrying until the beginning of April. Master's programs on the other hand can let you know later than that. Either way, now is not the time to start assuming rejection; we still have a full two months before it's all over.
  19. To be honest, you already got accepted, so asking questions at this point would be more for your benefit than anything else. Personally, I would ask things like "Is there anything I could do this summer to prepare for grad school?" or "When do classes start?" If I got in, I would be concerned with what to expect after I accept the offer, but I think your POI is more interested in answering your questions so that you feel comfortable accepting the offer. If she left you with an offer without volunteering to answer more questions, she might risk losing you because you didn't get enough informati
  20. I was wondering about this too. Any info would be great!
  21. I'm 20 and I won't turn 21 until after school starts. It makes some of these interview weekends uncomfortable because I can't legally drink yet...
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