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  1. Yale Art History, PhD (F14) Rejected via Website on 4 Mar 2014 A 4 Mar 2014 Sad trombone. Yale History Of Art, PhD (F14) Rejected via E-mail on 4 Mar 2014 I 4 Mar 2014 Yale is only for rich kids
  2. Oh, god, thanks for telling us that you got in via snail mail! I saw others posting that they'd received phone calls and e-mails and I was feeling so, so sad about it! SAIC might be a dealbreaker for me with my other schools. It's the only school I've applied to twice. Man... waiting for snail mail to get over here, though. I might be waiting for a long, long time to hear anything. I was still getting Christmas cards well into February! :-/
  3. I don't know if anyone else here applied to Parsons or not, but I went onto their http://my.newschool.edu portal and found out that I've been accepted! If there are any more of you out there who applied, good luck! I don't know where I'll be going now. I'm feeling very conflicted. I'll just wait for financial aid packages to come out........
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