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  1. Thanks to you all for weighing in on the subject of taking my foreign language exams before I graduate. It sounds like I should definitely ask for guidance from the schools I intend to apply at before spending the time to take the exams at my current institution. @Sigaba Brain dump is a struggle for me because I have ADHD. I often get caught up in describing a situation and lose focus on the reason I spoke up in the first place. Some professors appreciate that I know so much and have a passion for what I'm talking about, while others just want me to get to the point. Though I will sa
  2. Thanks everyone for weighing in. @Sigaba I absolutely would never write in a SOP what I wrote in my OP. My post was a brain dump and not an indication of what I would write or how I would write it. My job is 75% persuasive writing, but I can always improve. I will look to do that and consider the questions you posed. Essentially, it seems that I'm writing an application for funding, not just admission. @ashiepoo72 I was being a bit vague about my interests because I like to play close to the vest. I already have two potential dissertation topics in mind, both of which have not been
  3. Hi all, I'm graduating from a MFA program in Architectural History next year (spring 2021) and have been seriously considering applying to PhD history programs, most likely for admission in fall 2021. I'm an older student (late 30s) and my career has been focused in architectural history up to this point. I love research and writing, and have done a significant amount of it in my career, but I've lost my interest in the built environment. I've always been an amateur social and cultural historian and want to focus on that in a professional capacity. It seems that going on for my PhD is a m
  4. Thanks so much! I have ties to England (my aunt lives there) so I am partial to programs there. :-)
  5. Hi folks, I'm not applying for a MA/MS in Historic Preservation, but my undergrad degree is in historic preservation/community planning. At one time I had planned on continuing my education, but after ten years in the workforce, I've decided not to pursue further education in historic preservation. If I go on to higher ed, I will most likely pursue a degree in economic/community development or communications. I have found that with my undergrad degree, I could achieve a lot. I spent some time in my state's SHPO, beating out a person with a Phd simply because I had real world experience
  6. Hello fellow preservation lover! I see that you applied to Clemson, which is just down the road from me. I also attended the College of Charleston for my BA. So lots of coincidences all around! Good luck with your applications. I almost went for my MA in historic preservation. I was admitted to the Savannah College of Art and Design but then lost my job, so I decided not to take on that kind of debt. And now unfortunately, South Carolina is not very receptive to historic preservation, jobs are very few and far in between, so I've decided that since I can't move (stubborn husband, unfortunately
  7. Hi all, I've recently been investigating my options for grad school, specifically online programs. My BA is in historic preservation/community planning and I have close to ten years in the various jobs, both related and unrelated to the field. Most of my work has been in municipal and state government. Since my undergrad was so specialized and since I have no hope of getting a job in the field in my current location (and I'm unable to move out-of-state for opportunities), I would like to diversify my education in hopes of a career change of sorts. I'm a decent writer and am pretty hook
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