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  1. Congratulations. I did my MA at UCLA a few years ago. I mostly worked with Andrea Goldman. Who are you hoping to work with?
  2. First year student at Hopkins here, studying Chinese history.
  3. I see. It's definitely important that you choose an adviser with whom you are completely comfortable. However, while I don't mean to undermine your assessment of him, I do feel inclined to stick up for him in this public forum. I personally found him to be very warm, modest, and brilliant. While he wasn't my adviser, I did work closely with his students. Of course you may have heard things to which I'm not privy, so I'm not dismissing your reservations. Just my two cents. That being said, Bin Wong is also great. Andrea Goldman is also at UCLA, so there are three faculty members there that
  4. Why don't you wish to study with von Glahn? I attended his seminar at UCLA some years ago and he was wonderful.
  5. I haven't posted before on this thread (I think), but I've watched it closely and have been following your ordeal this application season. Just wanted to chime in and say I'm really happy things worked out for you. I'll be going to Hopkins this fall, so it looks like we both made it! Congratulations.
  6. Thanks! I really did google before posting, but I just couldn't find anything. Could you share a link please?
  7. Are there any general rankings for history grad programs that are newer than the US News list from 2013? Thanks!
  8. After a wild season, I've decided to accept the offer from Hopkins. Super excited! Field is Chinese history.
  9. I'm trying to make my decision for this fall, and right now I'm learning toward Johns Hopkins. So I'm trying to learn as much as I can about the program before committing. Obviously I've made my own inquiries of current and past graduate students, but I'd love to know if anyone on this forum could weigh in on some of the strengths and weaknesses of the program. I've heard it's a smaller program with a particular strength in American Colonial history (not my concentration, but I'm excited about my potential POI's). Just fishing for any useful input!
  10. Thanks! As a student of Chinese history I have two POI's at JHU, Professor William Rowe and Professor Tobie Meyer-Fong
  11. Just receive my informal acceptance letter from my POI at Johns Hopkins. Very excited, strong possibility I will choose to attend.
  12. Anyone hear from Johns Hopkins yet?
  13. I'm waiting to hear from Harvard's HEAL (History and East Asian Languages) program. Does anyone know if an interview is necessary for candidates who are eventually admitted? I've received some emails from my POI asking for additional information and materials, but not an interview request (as I have seen others report on the results page). Does anyone know more?
  14. Hi all. I'll also be applying for History PhD programs this coming season. I'm specifically interested in Late Imperial Chinese History, with a particular focus on a sub field known as "New Qing History." My situation is a little different from those of you who are finishing up your undergrad right now. I'm currently enrolled i a relevant terminal MA program here in LA, and I'd love to continue into a PhD program here as well. So I'll be consumed with applications like the rest of you, but my primary focus right now is to impress my adviser here at the same university in hopes that she'll
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